"But he hadn't said it this way. He'd never been this way."

      She tried to be mute enough. She tried to keep it as a whisper. She didn't want to stir any of the guards. She was simply worried. Turned out that things wasn't working the way she had thought they would. She was disappointed by all. She was disappointed by Lycaon. He shouldn't had done that. He shouldn't had left them. He shouldn't had gone away for that long without leaving a clue or trace of his being. Who was going to take care of Darius? Who was going to stand a ground against the gaurds of these real wolves? Who was going to liberate them. Several questions were elevated in the zenith of her consciousness. She was obviously lost in the labyrinth of its complexity. She was trying to figure out the odds. She was trying to convert her rage into strength. She wished that she had enough guts to finance the rage. She would flourish to an ex

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