"For what will you prepare me?"

     "Will you keep being mute!"

      "Don't be that harsh on him."

     His eyes were the only part of his body which did second to his anxiety. Other parts of the body were evil and wicked. They had all left him to the plight and he would do his best to make the meaning of all. He had been trying before but of course it had been to no avail. There was nothing else he could do. He knew that but kept assuring himself that sooner or later he would have to deal with whether or not he was a thing with the stance. He kept his gaze and kept abreast of where they were taking him. He had no idea why they had put him far from their cubicles. How about if some stray hound made meal of him when he was yet sleeping? What if he had been attacked off guard by the wiles of the time. He was glad that not

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