He tend to get confused more and more and didn't seek light. He didn't actually enjoy the odds of being confused, but he loved to make meaning of it all by himself. He needed no help to make meaning of whatever he did not get. He loved to sort for it. He knew that he was not good at that, but he did owe It to being an Alpha. Being that, he would be able to do whatever he wanted, he opined. He didn't know what odds were supplanted. He seemed to take quite the numbers of delights in his confusion. There was this pull to it. He didn't mind and didn't care. He should, but he seemed not to be moved. Even he could not say what was responsible for the recent feeling. He hadn't thought of it before he started exhibiting it. It just came out of its own will and wouldn't stop. He wasn't willing to stop it. He had no idea what pleasure he was extracting from it. He hoped that he would understand s

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