Deadly Plague

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Deadly Plague

By: Dilla Tan OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Arthur Elios gets the important task of overcoming the chaos about the staple crops in the city of North Vago. The virus he has created will be used to reduce rat breeding, but instead will turn the rodents into very aggressive. The problem gets even more chaotic as the experimental animals detach and infect other living things. Significant changes occur in a matter of hours and turn them into the undead who are thirsty for fresh blood. Will this chaos become more widespread? What about human survival in the future?

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A good gust of wind is etched inside a modern-toned room belonging to a perfectionist man. His stern face began to widen when a woman came to give him the good news. The two also had an intimate date after not seeing each other for several weeks that had passed."Hey, what's the matter? Why are you reluctant to let me go like this?" asked Arthur Ellios very warmly.Clora began to smile wrenchingly. "You have been working very hard in the office for a few days. You forgot about me," she replied spoiledly.Arthur again walked closer to the entrance. He also immediately locked the door so that no one would enter his private room."Clora, stop this action of yours. We could get into more serious trouble if anyone sees you like this." Arthur seemed to be very uneasy about the actions of his intimate friend.Clora began to stop her actions. "Hm, you always hide me from everyone. Why don't you be straightforward with everything?""Do you want one of us out of this company? However, if I'm ho
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All the members who were in the first team immediately focused their eyes on Arthur. The man who had been paying attention since just now also felt a little upset. He also didn't know what his friends were thinking because he didn't have the opportunity to have a discussion before the meeting. He also began to glance at Clora who was still waiting for his answer."What should I say? They still kept staring at this handsome face of mine. Ah, what is this?" thought Arthur, as he was already feeling so stupid about everything."How about you having a discussion first, Miss? Since this new project is quite sudden," Matteo said, he has always been a very assertive man in everything."Okay, you guys, please discuss it for a while. We'll give you guys time to do just that. Alright, this meeting is over. Thank you for your time," Clora said very authoritatively.Arthur still continued to stare at the face of his beloved woman. However, there is no one action that can be done because you still
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The two men who had time to enter also immediately came out and forgot some of the animals they had worked so hard to catch. They also looked very anxious about the shouting. With hurried steps, the two began to walk out of the room that was not equipped with lighting."Did you hear the sound just now?" asked Arthur with a face that already looked very restless."Yes, the sound is so loud. Where could I not hear it? Huft, where did the voice come from? Is that sura monster here?" asked Matteo with an already sweaty face in excess."It could have been a scream from a bunch of starving rats. Huft, it's creepy as hell. Uh, where's our rats of rats?" asked Arthur, who had begun to become aware of his state."Wow, it must have been detached in there! Argh, it's going to be very hard to get him back," Matteo complained as he went back inside.Arthur was also reluctant to get scared. He immediately caught up with his friend to leave there immediately. With a conscious action, the stern-faced
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After completing the action, Arthur along with Rick immediately passed from there. The intention of the heart is to rest a little in the dining room available there. However, not yet sitting quietly, they all heard screams from those rodents in the tester's room. Of course, this makes them feel very uneasy."What's this all about, Arthur? Just look at the weirdness. Why are the faces of those animals like predators?" shouted Matteo after entering the laboratory.It was Arthur who was also shocked and still speechless. Indeed the strangeness happened very quickly. Those animals that have already been given injections look very aggressive. I don't know because of what, they also continue to act badly in the glass room."We'd better take a closer look. Could this experiment have failed?" asked Arthur to his other companion."Yes, I know, Thur. you understand this," Matteo said.With a vigilant action, Arthur also single-handedly walked into the glass room. He began to see some reactions
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"Damn, what has happened here? Ready to turn on the lights?" shouted Arthur with a face that already looked very restless.With a teary look, he began to look at some of the experimental animal storage areas that had been destroyed. Only four animals are still in the room."That is why? Oh, no! What is this? Why did all the trial glass fall apart?" shouted Rick when he saw the mess in the laboratory room."Six out of ten experimental animals are detached. How is this going? Who has raised the precipitation?" asked Arthur with a look of looking very uneasy."I don't know. It's probably the technicians who are here who have raised the light," Rick said as he looked at every word that had been destroyed in the room. "Did this destruction happen from the animals that had already been injected?" he asked in surprise."Ah, I don't know. However, if indeed the animals are acting, it is really wonderful to be able to penetrate the thickness of this tester's glass," Arthur replied with a face
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Arthur also immediately distanced himself from the man who had already turned into a very strange one. The man seemed to sniff and pull out his sharp teeth. Of course, the strange incident made Arthur and his friend feel very constrained. The two also started to point iron, which has since become a material for self-protection."We'd better get out of here!" said Arthur very firmly."How come that guy likes the undead so? What has already happened to him? Is he taking the wrong medicine?" asked Matteo with a face that already looked very restless.Arthur began to pull his friend's hand away from there. The man who had already turned very strange also began to, the two. The running from the man also looked very strong and tight. Fortunately, Arthur was able to quickly lock the cleaning room by pinning the iron that had been in his hand since just now.The already gasping breath certainly continued to torment the two chests of the dashing man. Now, the two are starting to pass from ther
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"I just want to see it up close," Arthur replied very innocently."Don't do that stupidity. Just look, they look so starving there," Adam said once again.Arthur also began to undo his intentions. For some reason, all his feelings of fear grew as some supposedly transformed creatures roamed and preyed on all the animals that passed there. Until, the four of them tried to contact a colleague who was still outside the city. Unfortunately, their four mobile phones were left in the laboratory room instead."Argh, how could it be left there? Why does this misfortune keep happening to all of us?" asked Adam. He was indeed the most emotional among the others."Ah, never mind. You don't expend a lot of energy in such an angry way. We'll be safe here. If we can, we won't make any remarks inside this residence. It's clear that they're also very aggressive towards noise," Arthur continued."We can also die here. Food supplies won't last long either," Adam protested once again."That's why we hav
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Arthur, who was already a step outside, also began to turn around. The smile of sadness is also clearly visible on the three pairs of eyes in the house. He also began to convince himself to get through everything well."I just need light to prevent them from coming here. That's all I can do to get a sample from that human being," Arthur said with a face that kept falling on the infected and helpless human being in front of the residence.With a definite movement, he began to approach the human being who was suspected to be male. He also took a good look at every step. He did not want to be infected with the very deadly virus. There was also a moment when both eyes saw some sights hiding behind the laboratory room."I don't know how many of them are in there. However, I have to successfully take a sample of this already infected human fluid to be tested again," Arthur grumbled as he began to crouch closer to the man.His eyes were also getting sharper and the already helpless man was s
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"Argh!" groaned the already infected human.The surprised Arthur also immediately handed the plant fork towards the back. The man who had walked close to him was also pierced by the pointed object. All the dark-colored liquids instantly divorced very freely there. Fortunately, Arthur is still wearing personal protective equipment, so his body is still safely protected."Huft, I almost died here. I didn't see his presence. Where is he hiding?" grumbled Arthur. He also immediately pushed the departed body into the sea of the old hut.He also began to swallow his saliva heavily. He didn't know what he was going to do there. However, his life was quite threatened by a stormy sea. Plus, the room already looks fragile. However, Arthur begins to look for ways to survive. He also began to pick up some sharp objects that he would use as a tool for self-protection."That is all you can do to survive here on your own," Arthur grumbled as he began to climb the hut with some sharp object that he p
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"Damn, why didn't they see my presence here? Argh, I can't scream either because I'm going to download the other attack." Adam began to recklessly walk on the support wood until he approached the entrance.With a firm jumping intention, he did it immediately. It was quite thrilling when he jumped from a height of three meters."Argh, I almost broke my leg from jumping. Now I have to run after that car."He also started doing it until, in the end he got an attack from inside the forest. Some humans who had turned into zombies seemed to start chasing after him. He also felt very uneasy about it."Hey, you guys who are in the car!" shouted Arthur because he already felt very panicked.Fortunately, the passing vehicles were not so fast, allowing them to hear the sound of shouting from Arthur. Rick, who saw it from the glass, was also taken aback for a while. Some of the already infected humans still clearly groaned and followed Arthur's journey."Look, Arthur is still alive! He's being ch
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