A duel to the death

"Anyways, there is really nothing to worry about, Wang Yun. I fortunately came across some devilish battle arts and an unorthodox cultivation method that I have studied and practiced for no less than a hundred years and will basically allow me to erupt with overwhelming fiendish power that will enable me to slay that bastard that is acting as an obstacle in your path to devouring that guild." 

"Then if in the end I fail since I can't say if the boy showed all of his power and might to that Body Cultivator, I will try to escape from him using a special evasion technique that I studied and mastered and come back for him after reinforcing with some of the battle-crazy and mayhem-loving people in my team that I believe are busy, enjoyably wreaking havoc in some place as we speak!"

"Alright." Wang Yun said with the nod of his head.

"So, should I go there now? Or leave it till tomorrow?" Swordstorm suddenly asked with one

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