Long Run

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Long Run

By: Lazy Writes OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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With a destination at hand, seven friends must journey under the influence of an eerie situation. Secrets are revealed, actions are to be taken as love and deceit shakes their friendship. Enemies are made along the way. Will they resolve their inner conflict? Or crumble under the hands of their enemies?

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24 chapters
Chapter 1: Mask Entailed
“Hey, which one of you is going to attend the Showdown Event?” Lucas scanned across the teenagers on the beach, his plain button up shirt blowing with the window as he stood at a side of the magic circle created by their seating arrangement. “As a matter of fact, I would be attending and it would be nice to know those of us who would also be there.” He included, looking all smug. Several eyes turned to look in his direction. Everyone from Ana's class was present, the gathering was supposed to be their reunion before they went to college but somehow, everyone was only bothered by the Showdown Event. “Ana's dad got invited so…I’m guessing she's going to be there too.” Carson, a boy with corn wheat hair that falls below his chin said, his voice creating a wave in the hearts of many girls around while he casually winked at them, causing their hearts to race but unlike these girls, some seemed unmoved. “Of course, she'd be there. Everyone was invited, just that a few parents are quite str
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Chapter 2: Smitten
Like an angel who has descended, the dust rose along with the steps Ana took as she walked towards Natalie, gripping the attention of all the teenagers around. She clenched her fists in anger, she couldn’t help but feel that Natalie was up to no good. She knew Natalie like a mum knows her child, Natalie has always been an arrogant bully since they were kids and she only got worse by the day. Ana had never let her best friend be bullied nor was she going to let it happen especially by someone like Natalie. “Natalie, stay away.” Ana snapped as soon as she stopped in front of Natalie while shielding Nova who was about five feet away. “Or else what?” Natalie stood arm akimbo with a smirk on her face. She felt pleased to see that exasperated look on Ana who had always been known to be calm at all times. She resented the kind of bond Ana had with most of their classmates, Ana always seems to be respected and admired by all of the students but she, on the other hand, had not for once been r
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Chapter 3: Showdown Event
"Hurry, drop your fee!" A receptionist nagged at an old lady; Mrs Fort. "Of course, I would pay up or isn't there any patience in the world, now?" Mrs Fort spoke back, more sharply and the receptionist would have almost lost her tongue if words were knife. She had her hand digging through her handbag. "Everyone is waiting too so drop your fee early, get your tickets and get into the train. It's that simple." The receptionist was having trouble keeping her anger in check as she clenched her hand tightly to prevent herself from making the mistake of hitting an old lady. "Oh now you want to hit me, huh? Do it! Hit me!" Mrs Fort yelled and an argument soon broke out between the receptionist, whose name was Clare as written on her name tag, and Mrs Fort as many people tried to calm both sides. Those who were in line grumbled about how they'll be late for today's event. "Argh, won't they stop already. We would be late to the show if they continue like this." Ana, who was in line with her
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Chapter 4: Silver House
Vel city, a town for all like they call it, is the only town with hills. One Ana was finding it difficult to climb while rushing. "Darn it!" She breathed, "if I continue this way, I may not be able to attend the event! I would only disappoint Nova." She sighed. "Why don't I carry you on my back instead? That way, we'll get to your house earlier." Ana shot him a side glance, scrutinizing as she appraised his back. Many beads of sweat had crowded his forehead and his breaths were heavy. "No thanks," she said, looking away. "You can barely carry yourself yet you want to carry me? I'd rather walk by myself." She walked ahead of him, leaving him ignored as he hurried after her more like a puppy than Spiky was. "But I can try." Lucas wasn't so sure of himself anymore. His legs could barely keep him balanced, not to talk of carrying someone on his back. Ana snorted as she increased her pace, she was almost close to the house. "Ana! Wait up!" Lucas said, pulling on his bag as he walked f
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Chapter 5: Wiped Out
"How is it?" A crispy voice said. "Master." Another deep voice spoke, it was a tall bulky man who was standing below a fleet of stairs with his head lowered but his scarred side profile was impossible to miss. His black boots fitted perfectly with the dark marbled floor and so did the dark walls of the room. "Most of the cities are now within the context of phase one and although we are almost done, the preceding team needs to be properly equipped in the face of stronger opponents." He briefly explained. "Oh really?" The voice answered lucidly. "Then why is the team not aware of the consequences of not completing their work?" The voice sounded amused. "I—I really can't say, Master." The tall man admitted. "Jadyen, if you don't know, then why are you supervising the team?" This time, the voice bellowed. "Now that I think about it—your incompetence has made me realize that you are of no use to me anymore. I would send you in for proper discipline." Jayden, the tall man, gasped, both
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Chapter 6: Leave Here
"What do you think is there?" Lucas sniffled, hiding behind Elias. "Just look!" Ana jumped, pointing towards the spot. A finger fell out from under a body whose back was visible to them. It was as pale as paper. Then another finger fell out again, right beside the first. Slowly and gradually, fingers the number of a hand popped out completely. They had a ghost-like complexion and looked shrunken in place. Ana recalled watching a movie with a similar incident and she felt like she'd transmigrated into that scene. Four friends played a dare game, challenging ghosts and suddenly, the house became dark with the lights flicking back and forth. A pale palm had appeared out of nowhere and then, a red-died bodied landed in the room from the ceiling but when they looked, the ceiling wasn't broken. It was a ghost. Frightened, she turned her head around and beside her were four, no two friends. Shaking the thoughts out of her head, she denied the possibility of a ghost appearing believing the
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Chapter 7: What Now?
The chill of the evening breeze grazed their skins but unfortunately no one winced or perhaps no one felt it. They had been too carried away, staring in the void of their town. Vel City, which was originally loud and bustling, is now so quiet like a graveyard. Coincidentally, it actually became one as more than fifty thousand people all died before the end of the day, leaving behind seven scrawny little teenagers in their stead to clean up the mess. "You promised!" A feeble person knelt beside a huge pile of sand as she punched heavily into it. The tears in her eyes kept falling like rain. "You said we'd go on a vacation together! Not like this!" Ana cried, she refused to believe that he had died and wouldn't be returning. No one comforted her, the rest of them also lost someone or more. They were also immersed in their net of sadness, especially Nova. "Mum, did you already guess this will happen? So you didn't let me come with you?" Unlike Ana, she was smiling but on a second look
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Chapter 8: Day One
By the break of dawn, outside Ruby's house, Ana was dressed and was carrying a backpack with Spiky hopping around her. When she walked past Nova's house, she noticed the lights were off, indicating that Nova had left. She sighed and headed towards the city gate. They had all agreed to meet there before 6 am and just as they said, they'd already arrived when she got there. She subconsciously looked around and nodded, everyone was prepared. "Let's go." She said and Lucas pushed the huge gates open. The cool breeze that blew in made her eyes sting. On the top of the huge gate, was written; Goodbye Vel City. She couldn't put into words how she felt at the moment because the words resonated well with her. She has stayed here since she was little and now she is leaving with no hope of returning. For the last time, she looked back and she could see a vague image of the little her then, running around the lakeside while being pursued by her father. The memories came flashing before her ey
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Chapter 9: What Are They Exactly?
It was March 17, 2043, and it has only been two weeks since they left Vel, one week since Elias' car broke down and they'd had to walk, and three days since they'd rested because not an hour passed by without them being attacked by who knows what.Their original dream of exploring the outside world has become a nightmare that they can't wake up from as the world outside was far worse than they imagined. In the beginning, it was like an apocalypse had occurred because the towns they went through were deserted but as they ventured deeper, it wasn't deserted and the humans had been replaced by scary creatures."We're doomed!" Lucas exclaimed. He dashed into the empty room and plopped down on the floor, looking like a dried fish. It didn't look like he would be getting up anytime soon.Crashing beside him, Nova complained. "Exactly. If we had known that things would go terribly, we'd have just stayed in Vel." She added, "I'm so exhausted.""Same here," Ben said, dropping his bags."What ar
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Chapter 10: Escape
“Ana, take them away from here!” Elias yelled, his usually calm face was covered with worry, one Ana had never seen on him before. He held a sharp iron bar in one hand as he struck the incoming monsters. Beside him were Ben and Carson, they each surrounded a cracked opening in the wall with Ana and the others inside. Natalie was tending to the injury on Lucas' left lower arm. A wide cut ran through his elbow down to the base of his wrist. He was losing so much blood that Natalie was frightened as she trembled while using clothes on clothes to wrap his hand.Ana shook her head as she disagreed. “I'm not leaving here without you guys!” Everyone was trying hard to fend off the monsters' attack but Elias managed to secure Lucas, Ana, Natalie and the exhausted Nova, an escape route through the artificially made door created by Lucas. He'd been slammed into that wall by one of the monsters and both Carson and Ben had blocked him to buy him some time to recover. It was that same route which A
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