Battling Swordstorm (2)

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!... 

The instant he left where he was using the extreme speed ability that he possessed, the swords arrived and deeply impaled the earth since there was nothing in their paths to stab.

As for the few Kron swords that Max sent out towards the innumerous, frightening Qi attacks that Swordstorm ruthlessly sent out at him, they traveled towards Swordstorm at speeds that were nearly impossible to evade since they moved at many times the speed of sound. But surprisingly, Swordstorm easily evaded them. And once he did, he couldn't help but look at Max with intense astonishment and a bit of respect in his eyes.

'No one has ever caused me to use my special, Nine Rocs and Seven Garudas crossing the Infinite Void movement technique. Truly strong and capable for his age, this damned kid.' Swordstorm said.

Once Swordstorm said that, where he was now a little wary of Max since he unleas

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