Battling Swordstorm (3)

Then when the sword dispersed some moments later, Swordstorm who saw how Max's body tried to withstand the boundlessly sharp and powerful attack that he sent out at him, couldn't help but furrow his brows in puzzlement. 

"This kid... How I wish I could just understand how he was able to arrive at the possession of such a tough and resilient body." He said as he looked at the crater that Max created with his body when he was knocked into it by the powerful and tyrannical attack that he sent out at him.

However, the shock on his face became more intense when Max surprisingly climbed out of the crater that he created with his body when the sword continuously pushed him into the ground due to the unyielding toughness of his body's reinforced skeletal framework, and the tremendous momentum that the sword itself possessed.

When Max climbed out of the crater, he looked up at Swordstorm with a smile in his face and said in

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