Engaging the bandits in battle (1)

"Hmm. So I am guessing that we would immediately start our search from here, right?" Max asked as he looked at both Violetblades and Skysword. 

"Correct" Skysword said and prepared to come down from the carriage. 

But just before he would come down from the carriage, he spoke to Max, "When we all come down from the carriage, I will make the beasts move the carriage away so that the bandits who would be hiding somewhere in this region wouldn't think that some people have dropped off from it and are gearing up to attack them." 

"Then once we are done with our mission that could last up to months since we would also be in hiding and trying to find out their nests, we would go find a garage where our beast-pulled carriage will be parked at." Skysword said further while Max nodded his head. 

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