Focusing on controlling Kronous Energy (1)

However, after many hours passed where day had become evening, Max who was surprised that Zhu Lian still hadn't completed her cultivation, asked with an astonished expression appearing in his face "Zhu Lian are you still there? Or your soul have traveled out of your body to another plane of existence?"

Once he asked that question, Zhu Lian's eyes abruptly snapped open.

She then turned her head to look at Max and said "Max, I am trying to cultivate. I am not done yet. I am not even halfway to the middle of my cultivation. So, can you keep shut for the next nine hours for me? Thank you."

Once she said that, she closed her eyes back to resume her cultivation.

However, Max who was shocked by what she just said, which was that she still wanted to cultivate for nine hours more in that cross-legged position, couldn't help but ask, "Why would you want to cultivate for nine hours more?"


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