Killing Master Seven Miseries (2)

Once he said that, Max who was staring at him suddenly burst into laughter.

Then when he stopped, he immediately jumped into the air towards Master Seven Miseries. And with Kronous Energy circulating about in his entire body at a great speed, his physical strength was vastly amplified, making him to get to where Master Seven Miseries was which was at sixty feet. 

Master Seven Miseries who wasn't expecting Max to achieve such a great jump, immediately produced a treasured bow from his spatial ring and immediately pulled it string which then caused a blindingly glowing arrow rapidly composed from Qi to materialize before he ruthlessly shot it out at Max.

Seeing the arrow that Master Seven Miseries shot out at him, Max whose body was still moving at a great speed towards Master Seven Miseries, immediately clenched his hand into a fist and punched it out at the arrow piercing towards him at a great speed.


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