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**Conclusion**: This article tells the story of Ji Xinghe, a 65-year-old retiree who stole a single-pilot starship from the New Phoenix City Police Department in an attempt to seek revenge for his son's sacrifice on the front lines. Ji Xinghe's son, Ji Chenxing, was a member of the Federation's space fleet and had sacrificed himself half a month earlier. Ji Xinghe's attempt to steal a starship was apparently an act of revenge. **Key points include:** - **The theft of a starship**: Ji Xinghe stole a single-pilot starship from the police department in an attempt to reach the front lines and seek revenge for his son's sacrifice. - **Ji Chenxing's sacrifice**: Ji Xinghe's son, Ji Chenxing, was a member of the Federation's space fleet and had sacrificed himself on the front lines half a month earlier. - **Retirement and revenge**: Ji Xinghe was a 65-year-old retiree who decided to seek revenge for his son's sacrifice by stealing a starship and joining the fight on the front lines.

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Chapter 001: The Old Thief Who Stole a Starship
"Name.""Ji Xinghe.""Gender.""Male.""Age.""65.""Why would you, at retirement age with a pension, want to steal? And not just steal anything, but a single-pilot starship. I mean, can you even operate it if you got it?""I can."The interrogating officer was momentarily stunned. Could this be a retired veteran of the Federation? If so, his interrogation might come to a halt as the Federation had its own military courts.Single-pilot starships were only piloted by space fleet soldiers or retired ones. The New Phoenix City Police Department had some who could operate them, retired soldiers from the space fleet.Although Ji Xinghe was attempting to steal from the New Phoenix City Police Department, the officer couldn't help but wonder... wait, 65 years old? How long had the space fleet been established? How long had single-pilot starships existed? Where did this 65-year-old retired soldier come from?Name, gender, age, fingerprints, and other information were input into the terminal i
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Chapter 002: The Violent Offender
New Phoenix City is located in the coastal area of Longzhou, a well-known tourist city in the Federation.Although the Federation claims to have entered the interstellar era, there is only one habitable planet. Other planets within reach are all within the Blue Star system, including the front-line battlefields and a few mining planets collectively known as the Perplexing Exoplanets.Due to its large population, the Blue Star has no shortage of tourists, and people living here can enjoy a high level of happiness.But Ji Xinghe was not happy at all. He had become a true loner."Sir, why are you here?"Inside the detention center in New Phoenix City, Ji Xinghe heard the question from the person next to him, but he didn't want to answer or look at anyone else. He sat there silently like a statue.In his hazy gaze, the image of his son, Ji Chenxing, emerged briefly, only to be replaced by a red blur—a head full of red hair.A young man with a red explosion of hair appeared in front of Ji
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Chapter 003 His Talent Is Not Bad
As the newly appointed federal hero, Han Li received the medal of honor with a heavy heart. It seemed as if the medal weighed down on his chest, and his expression was not pleasant to look at.It wasn't surprising to the Major General Tu Yuan, who awarded the medal. He also felt uneasy because every achievement of the federal military meant that a large number of soldiers had made sacrifices.Some say that all the medals of honor are stained with the blood of enemies, symbols of glory. But on those medals, there wasn't just the blood of enemies; there was also the blood of their own people.What was most heartbreaking was that most of those who sacrificed couldn't even wear their own medals. Many of their bodies were lost, making all the medals feel heavy."Casualties are inevitable. What's most important is to live on well and carry the will and spirit of our fallen comrades into battle," Major General Tu Yuan patted Han Li on the shoulder, then prepared to leave. Today, there was on
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Chapter 004 Just a Bit Older
Tu Yuan watched the holographic projection screen in front of him expressionlessly. On it, Ji Xinghe effortlessly performed a shoulder throw, the entire process clean and crisp. Even though Tu Yuan had seen many skilled martial artists, he couldn't help but admire silently: this old man still had some skills.After all, he was 65 years old.Yet Tu Yuan remained expressionless. After watching it several times, he shifted his gaze to another holographic projection screen, which clearly displayed all of Ji Xinghe's information. The key point that made him expressionless was that the data did not show that Ji Xinghe had any martial arts skills.So he asked directly, "Why?"The people from the detention center and the New Phoenix City Police Department were a bit puzzled, unsure of what the famous federal Major General was asking about.Tu Yuan was well-known because he didn't become a federal Major General this year; he became one three years ago when he was only 37 years old, making him
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Chapter 005: A Military Recruitment Assessment
Age is inconsequential, as is the ongoing conflict between the Federation and the Empire. Jixinghe, who has lived a modest and unassuming life, now possesses only one fervent ambition: to seek vengeance.However, he couldn't venture alone to the extraterrestrial frontlines. The alien planets were inhospitable to human life. The thin atmosphere lacked breathable air, drastic temperature fluctuations between day and night necessitated protective spacesuits, chaotic magnetic fields and unpredictable storms rendered much of the technology useless.Apart from military camps and bases, there were no habitable spaces for humans on the alien frontlines. Even the formidable Imperial gorillas struggled to survive on the alien surface without equipment.Humans, when wearing spacesuits, were ill-equipped for combat. Hindered mobility and the risk of oxygen leaks leading to death made them vulnerable. In contrast, the Imperial gorillas only needed auxiliary breathing devices. Thus, the initial enc
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Chapter 006: He Said He Doesn't Believe in Limits
"Hey, old Jixing is back! Been gone for days, probably off chasing some old lady.""Nonsense, old Jixing never pays attention to those old ladies. You think he's like you, an old man dancing in the square every day. Old Jixing, how about a game of chess? It's been ages since we played. I'll give you a rook.""Hah, you give old Jixing a rook? Hasn't it always been old Jixing giving you the rooks and knights?"In the green area of the community, a group of elderly men and women basking in the sun greeted Jixinghe, who had been absent for a few days, indicating that he was well-liked among the residents.This popularity was built on Jixinghe's willingness to help others, his excellent character both before and after his wife's passing, and the conditions of having a pension and retirement benefits."Nah, got things to do, you guys carry on."Jixinghe hurriedly responded and made his way straight to his home. He didn't want to discuss his experiences of the past few days with anyone, as i
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Chapter 007: He Can Resort to Any Means
"Girl, you're 29 and still not finding a partner. Are you planning to grow old alone?""Mom, I'm only 18 plus 132 months old.""Nonsense! Let me tell you, if you don't bring a boyfriend home by Chinese New Year this year, I'll arrange blind dates for you.""Fine, arrange blind dates. Find me an old man with a house, savings, and retirement benefits, preferably.""Alright, I'll arrange it. I knew you had your eyes on Old Ji. Tell me, have you secretly agreed to spend your life with him? That Old Ji, in his sixties or seventies, still dares to flirt with my daughter. I'll go find him now."The daughter sighed, "Go ahead, Mom. But let me tell you, Old Ji's son is in the Space Fleet, a mech warrior. If you mess around in front of him, I won't bail you out if you get arrested."Federal civilians have always respected federal soldiers because the Federation is currently at war. Citizens can go to the zoo to see gorillas and monkeys, rather than being locked in a zoo and stared at by gorilla
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Chapter 008: Some Things Are Expected
"The old man's gone?" Inside the largest automobile repair factory in New Phoenix City, the mechanics gathered around the television set, their faces filled with disbelief. Some of them had watched Jike Chenxing grow up, while others had grown up alongside him. Over the years, Jike Xinghe had often visited the repair factory with his father, Jike Xinghe, who not only worked there but also imparted knowledge to his son. However, Jike Chenxing had never been keen on learning automobile repair. It wasn't because he couldn't learn; the older folks at the repair factory knew that Jike Chenxing was only interested in learning to drive and repair mechas. Unfortunately, none of the workers at the repair factory were knowledgeable about mechas; they only knew how to fix cars. To address this, Jike Xinghe had begun self-studying how to drive and repair mechas. However, having only theoretical knowledge didn't convince Jike Chenxing to learn from his father or the other workers at the repair fac
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Chapter 009: Some People Will Lose Face
Inside the New Phoenix City Stadium, one young person after another verified their identity and collected their numbered tags, then lined up in orderly queues, ready to begin today's physical fitness test. The test involved running, but the location was not within the stadium itself. The stadium served merely as a gathering point; the finish line was located ten kilometers away from the New Phoenix City Gymnasium, along a road that had been cleared for the event. Four batches of young people had already run out of the stadium, and now it was the turn of the fifth batch, who slowly made their way out.No one would sprint or dash madly right from the start of the ten-kilometer run; doing so would result in elimination. The young people who had registered online a week ago and had now arrived at the test site were determined not to be eliminated. As the five hundred young people ran out, several drones closely followed them overhead. After leaving the stadium, they saw the spectators on
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Chapter 010: Some People Don't Understand Where They've Lost
One by one, young runners were overtaken by Ji Xinghe. Initially, their gazes toward him were filled with resentment. And their resentment was not unfounded. If it weren't for Ji Xinghe chasing them from behind, they wouldn't have exhausted themselves in a frantic run, only to lose their stamina before completing the full course.As the resentful looks gradually faded, Ji Xinghe caught up with the leading pack. These young individuals, who usually engaged in rigorous physical training, adjusted their pace and conserved energy on the more forgiving stretch of the track after initially sprinting ahead and distancing themselves from others. They needed to complete the test within the designated time frame.One kilometer, two kilometers...When they reached the five-kilometer mark, exhaustion set in. Everyone was drenched in sweat, even the athletic students among them. This wasn't just a five-kilometer jog; they could easily do ten kilometers under normal circumstances. But jogging ten k
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