The owner of the Auction House

"What? You still have the gut to issue out threat?" The guard that stood directly before Max asked with a hardened look in his face.

"Yea" Max seriously replied.

"Beat this boy up and bring him to me tied like a notorious petty thief when you are done" The guard that stood before Max, said to his colleagues who stood behind him. 

Immediately he mentioned that, the guards who stood at his back nodded their heads and then quickly spread out to surround Max who only shook his head and said with a cold look manifesting in his face, "You guys will absolutely regret what you are about to do."

However, what Max said fell on deaf ears as a strongly illuminating Qi attack suddenly appeared before one of the guards and shot out towards him at a great speed. 

Then Max whose attention was instantly drawn to the suddenly unleashed attack due to the strong brilliance that it put out,

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