Cardinals of Auresia

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Cardinals of Auresia

By: Hinata Writes OngoingSci-Fi

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I was born during the pandemic and it was not over for the past twenty-five years. Oceans were drained. Trees and flowers were no longer existing. Having water was harder each day that many people chose to die instead of surviving. I envy those people who could afford water— the rich ones and the most privileged people around the world. Poor people liked me were not allowed to get water more than what was intended for us. In other words, it was a system that dividing the rich people with limitless water sources and the poor people with limited water sources. It was a system that we needed to obey or else we might lose the life we were struggling to survive. I wanted to surrender but there was only thing that hindered me from dying— Cardinals of Auresia. It was an online game that I wished was real. There, I could build my own kingdom with my own system. I thought that sanity left me for it seemed real to me. Not until I found out that it was the solution for the suffering of the world.

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7 chapters
Chapter 1 - Game Over
My heart was sinking horribly as I was hiding at the back of an abandoned building. I couldn't breathe properly like I was in the middle of a marathon.I was holding tightly to my R93 Tactical Sniper Rifle as I was being vigilant. One wrong move and it would be a game over for us. We were planning this invasion for a long time. We needed to win this battle so we could build our own kingdom.If we would lose this battle, we would wait for five years again and back to the slums where everyone was treated as commoners, losers, and known to be the Charcoal Cardinals.Yeah, I was inside an online game— Cardinals of Auresia. It was owned by the most affluent human being all over the world, Vinitor Greyhound. He owned the largest company— Greyhound Estate. Their latest project was the Cardinals of Auresia. It was launched ten years after the pandemic.The whole world was suffering from a lack of water since 2050. People were abusive back then. Since then, poor people couldn't afford water as
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Chapter 2 - Potential Player
I threw away the headgear after I was logged out automatically from the game. Once a cardinal was killed inside the Auresia, the cardinal would be logged out automatically. I got annoyed at the same time I was remorseful. It was our chance to get ranked up. I knew I gave my very best to win that battle.I just rolled my eyes when I saw the headgear floating in the air. It had a defence mode and you couldn't harm it at any cost. Even if you smashed it with a hammer, it would just bounce back. Like it was protected by some invisible bubble around it. That was just only one of the things that got me confused.Why would Vinitor put a defence mode in the headgear? If the headgear got destroyed, the user could buy another one and it would benefit Vinitor that way. More production of headgear meant more income.I leaned my back on the backrest of my swivel chair and thoughts about the game earlier swirled in my mind. I couldn't help but felt devastated. We lose the monthly tournament and th
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Chapter 3 - My Envious Self
I stepped outside my room and immediately went out of our house to take a walk. I needed to breathe. Our house seemed to be suffocating me.I saw Mom inside the kitchen but she never bother to peek at me. I didn't want to argue with her. Dad would be home any minute now that was why she was preparing dinner already.I was thirsty but I was only allowed to drink water after a meal and only a gulp! But like everyone was doing, enduring was the best option. C category people like me and my family were given water two days a week individually. And we needed to divide the water to survive for a week. We only took a bath twice a week. Washing the dishes once a day. Washing the clothes once a week. Half of a glass of water a day. We couldn't afford to drink coffee or milk. I also didn't know what their taste was.I was used to it though because I was born during the pandemic. I didn't experience swimming in the ocean or pool. Or even in the middle of the rain.There were times I was wonderi
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Chapter 4 - My Pride
I wanted to look away but it seemed that my eyes had their own will. I couldn't get my eyes away from Nerios and he was looking at me too.His eyes were telling me that I really made a huge mistake. Every time that our paths would cross, I could commemorate the first time we met. It was still fresh in my mind.---Congratulations! You passed the trial and would be directed to the picking hall. This is Eerika, you can call me any time in your menu bar for further questions or you can ask me for help. Thank you and once again, congratulations!I smiled as I heard the system's voice. This is really awesome! Even a systematized staff also had a name! I vanished from the trial ground and was transported into the picking hall. It was like a museum. But there were no antiques, paintings, or artifacts. Instead, there were stalls with cardinals inside.I could read the guild's name above the stall. My eyes were busy roaming around and I didn't notice that someone was in front of me. My attenti
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Chapter 5 - Stay or Leave
I was now inside the transportation."Where to?" the systematized voice asked me. It was a man's voice and his name was Exter.There were many of them, systematized voices. I wonder how many staff were there in Auresia and I wonder how rich was Vinitor. Maybe he had a swimming pool inside his house.It only took me one minute and I was already in The Slum. The transportation opened and I stepped outside. There was transportation everywhere but we could use it four times a day or else we could walk for months before getting in The Centrum.I could see other guilds camping on every side. The Slum was huge for we had a large number of cardinals. The Slum was divided into four parts: The West, The East, The North, and The South. Maybe other ranks' places were divided also, especially those outnumbered ranks.I immediately walk my way to where our guild decided to camp. There was nowhere to look without meeting malicious eyes. No. They were not malice, they were annoying. Pissing me off by
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Chapter 6 - Apple Of The Eyes
It was a moment of silence. It seemed that what I was going to say was a big deal."I am maybe harsh to you ever since, but I don't want to hold you and not let you leave our guild," Denro said. He was looking at me and I could see the sincerity in his eyes. "Especially when you are facing a problem in your outside life.""What will it may be, we want to help by dragging you out from the guild and letting you choose The Blue Devils," Rayumi said and she couldn't look straight into my eyes."I don't want you to leave, but it's for the greater good," Skyre seconded and everyone nodded.I heard footsteps coming in our direction and before I could turn my head, I already heard my guild's gasp."And we didn't want you in our guild out of pity."It was Nerios' voice.When I finally put my eyes on them, I was surprised when I saw her which made me stand up as still as a statue.Xera...My heart was now beating wildly. I was already troubled and now I couldn't even think of a word to say. The
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Chapter 7 - Don't Wake Me Up
I was looking at the dull sky from our classroom window. It was filled with the sun's raging rays of heat.I didn't go to Auresia and it was three days since my last logged in and it was the day that The Blue Devils confronted me. Rayumi was sending me messages and she said that it was okay if I chose to be alone and think properly.My thoughts were disturbed when our teacher came into our classroom. It was our adviser, Miss Renshin and this would be our first class in the morning.Yeah, I was still studying and this year would be my final year as a Computer Engineering student. I was excellent in this field but it was so hard to hack the Cardinals of Auresia's system. It was protected so that no one could get access to their system. So annoying."Okay," Miss Renshin said while smiling widely. "We have a new transferee."My classmates began to create some noise and that made me feel a little grumpy, especially girls talking about if the transferee was a boy or a girl. Girls, yeah girl
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