Legend of the Ancient Myth

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Legend of the Ancient Myth

By: The_Unfettered OngoingGames

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Earth year 2127 and humanity have been through many revolutions, science reached a level never seen before and virtual reality games became the only path for many to make a living. Tony is a young man with not many dreams in life except for not losing to his best friend and rival Mark in anything, he goes from starting to play the game for fun to becoming one of the absolute living legends. Let's follow his path while he makes new rivals, many friends and much more enemies in his conquest in the Ancient Myth

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  • Vegeta


    nice keep going ... the story have a great potential. Although it's a bit slow at the beginning but it's truly enjoyable

    2022-04-08 01:43:06
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rth, the year 2127 humanity has been through many revolutions, the 4th AI revolution, 5th AI instantiation revolution and 6th space exploration revolution. Technology was at its highest peak and virtual life became the leading force, especially the virtual reality games which was the hope and only path for many because everything in life was worked by smart robots which made it harder for many to find a suitable job and earn a living, but then the virtual reality games were introduced which was like a light in a dark day for many jobless ones. Now celebrities are not athletes or singers and movie stars, but the gamer experts were the real celebrities. Now there are even those that their net worth reached billions because of a single game.After many years of development, the VR reached a new high especially the latest VR-MMORPG known as Ancient Myth which set to break all records, it was an extremely popular game at the time, as the company tha
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elcome to the Ancient Myth warrior" the voice was as if coming from heaven which startled Tony when many scenes started playing before him.At first in the Urisun continent Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Dragons, and many races used to live there peacefully, each with their territory and different ideas about life.Some secluded themselves from the others and unless one provoked them they didn't care about what happened outside their domain, and others lived for the sake of war and conquering other weak races while some created alliances between the weak races so they can fight against their strong enemies.But all of this changed when the portal that linked the mortal realm to the underworld and the demon realm, suddenly cracked open and the savage inhabitants from there stormed the land. Not even calling it brutal can describe that war Because of the high death rate that caused more than 60% of the population in the three realms to perishEspecially in t
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"Worthy of calling it the gaming industry masterpiece" looking at the villagers walking around him and the kids playing, everything looked no different than the real world. Especially when he saw how everyone was looking at him appearing out of nowhere which scared some kids who kept looking at him with some fear and amazement.Tony pressed on his player avatar to check it out and it displayed his current attributes, in the Ancient Myth there are five attributes each that govern an area.*Strength: Strength increases Physical Attack Power and the weight behind each attack.*Agility: measures Dexterity, reflexes, and balance Attack Speed and Movement Speed.*Constitution: measures endurance, health, stamina, and vital force.*Vitality: Vitality increases the recovery rate of MP and HP*Intelligence: Intelligence increases Magical Attack Power and maximum MPAfter he understood it and distributed the beginning 15 basic attributes his av
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After getting over the joy of creating a skill he checked his avatar panel and distributed the 10 free attributes he got from leveling two times, it displayed[Name: Mad Demon][swordsman]Lv 02: 00/200 expHp: 110Mp: 8St: 10Ag: 10Con: 7Int: 5Vit: 8"Not bad I'm leading the race right now compared to the others" with just his St and Ag right now he could defeat anyone easily.He then open his inventory bag and saw the two items and 40 silver coins that the system rewarded him<
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Ghost town
In Ancient Myth after dying, you'll have two options, the first is to wait five minutes and revive naturally or by sacrificing half a lvl you'll be able to revive instantly.Tony didn't choose to revive himself and was mentally replaying the fight"So what I got from this, first monsters attack are irregular and have a different pattern, second monsters can coordinate with each other and maybe even do some combination with their attacks and lastly I truly underestimated the depths of the realism of the game" the pain of being attacked and dying was no different than the real world."My blood is boiling, the beast inside of me is about to be awakened" if anyone saw his expression now they will be scared of their wits. So after the five minutes ended he respawned in the basement and checked his player panel [Name: Mad Demon] (swordsman)Lvl 01: 00%HP: 93MP: 7St: 9Ag: 9Con: 6Int: 4Vit: 7Read more
"It seems I got myself in a deep shit" this was his thoughts about this strange place because the moment he entered his sense was picking danger from everywhere.Tightening the grip on his sword he started walking in the narrow road ahead, yet after walking for 10 minutes he still saw no end to it."Either I'm walking in a loop or there's no end to this damn road" he was regretting coming here, he suddenly turned around and activated [perry].An attack that suddenly appeared out of nowhere was going to his heart but Tony blocked it at the last moment."So you finally couldn't hold yourself anymore you damn ghost" [Name: Wandering ghost][Type: common]Lvl 05Hp: 230Attacks: wild claw, hidden strike, and terrorizing shout."His HP is low but if he hits me I'm dead for sure" That's was the trick about ghost-type monsters. So after blocking the first move, Tony rushes into the ghost while swinging his sword fr
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"Lady Aelvan what do you mean by path""Well this is something you'll know when the time is right but I can just tell you that each class has three paths" her words confirmed Tony's guesses."Things are getting really interesting" Tony started thinking about how to get more information about the paths in swordsman class."Quest: Elf savior SS-rank, part 1 became an Expert" "Lady Aelvan could tell me why must I be an Expert with a chosen path first""Because you need to get something from the ghost town first, and all the monsters inside are above level 30 and you'll be like a little fly to them""So it's level 30 when we have to choose a path" even with NPC's high intelligence she would never expect him to ask just to get that information."Since it's like that I will try my best to reach that level as quickly as possible" he then looked at the few Wandering ghosts around the town entrance and smiled "before that I will kill thi
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"Maya why don't we just give it to them for avoiding the trouble," said the man who was playing as a guardian knight to the girl "Chris how can you say something like that don't you know how important the money is for us right now if you're scared then go no one is stopping" those words angered him greatly especially when he saw the look of disdain the other players are giving him "Who said I'm scared of this just rational thinking" Chris tried to defend himself only to be humiliated by the bystanders."What a coward he can't even defend his girlfriend" "man the girl is pretty but her taste in man is really bad" "with his cowardice personality who gave him the balls to pick the guardian knight class"No one gave him a face as all the players started taunting him and laughing which made Chris think of just logging off to avoid this humiliation."Little girl this is the last time I'm saying this, give me the armor and everything will end well" the lea
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"Big brother, can you please teach me how to play as well as you?" the little girl asked Tony with eyes filled with hope."Little Suzy reaching my level is quite hard but I will give you some pieces of advice that'll help you improve like how to control your skills and to train your body since I'm an instructor in a dojo""Really! big brother you actually work as an instructor" even Maya was visibly surprised, after all, it was said that to get an instructor license is the hardest, because you have to clear many requirements and prove that you can teach. That's why usually all instructors are old people so for Tony to be one at such a young age can only be described as exceptional."Well I only got my license recently"He took them to Bob's tavern and rented a room for 1 silver, the sisters started feeling numb from Tony's consecutive surprises."First I will send both of you an invitation then we'll talk about the armor" he chose the friends list
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"Big brother, how did you find her that far away?" Suzy asked curiously because a magical class should have higher awareness than a melee class, let alone that Red Lotus was very far away from them."Simply, you're treating this game as a normal one, but the thing is this game is actually different than anything ever created, you can use your five senses which are enhanced by the game fidelity rate of 100% like in the real world, for example, we are entering the forest right now if you concentrate really good you'll feel the wind blowing and some strange smells" when the two sisters did what Tony explained they started seeing the world differently."To think we were playing the game wrongly from the beginning" both Maya and Suzy were a little bit downhearted "this not a matter of playing wrong because even for me it took me some time to figure this out" then he pointed in the direction where the five villagers told them to take "this forest only have monsters up to lev
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