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The universe has been digitized. Magicians, programmers and intelligence agencies have united in clans to fight for total control over humanity. The Jedi Knight, who by the will of fate joined the Progressors, will find himself in the midst of the digital apocalypse and will honestly tell readers about how everything was, and also about the Cosmos, love, about freedom... They shot a little, had a little fun, don't let the children read.

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I do it sometimes. I'm crazy, what do you think? - may be. Not often, but sometimes I want to - and I do it. If you turn everything off and turn nothing on. I mean turn everything off. And then there is silence and darkness. At first, it's stressful. I can’t believe that, really, nothing will now burst through some sense organs into your brain. You need to sit in this for a couple of minutes to believe, to make sure that in fact absolutely nothing is seen or heard, nothing touches you, does not impose itself and does not take your attention.The clock is turned off and it is impossible to understand how long the buzz of emptiness lasts. But it feels like it's short. Then the fear begins. No need to be afraid, you need to continue to sit and listen to yourself. The fierce horror from the emptiness grows quickly and suddenly it already seems that something is about to burst from animal fear. From that momentary joy of freedom nothing remains, nothing frightens as much as nothing. It doe
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Realizing that the program would now be buggy for about five minutes, I was distracted by the news bulletin on the air. An hour ago, Argun fighter aircraft took off from the airfields in Urga and Morabon. Despite the expectation of a strike, 30 "hawks" caught the Horde by surprise. They suppressed part of the air defense, lost 5 vehicles and retreated to the east, meeting the Horde fighters, who raised the alarm and flew to rescue Kaulnin. After 30 minutes, 10 heavy bombers approached Kaulnin, at the same time strategic silo-based complexes reached the target. The air defense of the Horde shot down 2 complexes out of 4. The surviving 2 hit the power plant and the communications center, cutting down the light below and, accordingly, communications. 5 bomb carriers plowed the airfield, turning the runways, all ground buildings, planes and helicopters standing on the ground into a mess. Another five bombers marched west of the city on the location of the 22nd division, covering Kaulnin,
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Do you think he was able to pass 20 wagons like that? - could. From the third car, he simply stopped distinguishing people in front of him - he walked, as if pushing through thickets or swam through some kind of viscous muck. This was not invented in any computer shooter. Three soldiers who were with him this march, having left the last car, collapsed exhausted into the mud. Ratmir came across a wooden pallet and lay down on it. An electric locomotive whistled ahead, Ratmir waved his hand, and 600 lucky evacuees slowly crawled eastward in a cheerful string of lights. Their savior got up from the pieces of wood to meet the next echelon, surprised that for some reason his lower jaw and eyes were tired the most. He didn't feel his arms or legs at all.Yesterday, almost simultaneously with the air raid on Kaulnin, the Argunians went on the offensive with their ground units, surprisingly and shamefully easily, using the surprise factor, crushing the Horde troops covering the border. The Ur
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I have several rules for playing the stock market.First, I am a classic conservative player. So I play slowly and carefully. Of course, those who do not take risks do not drink champagne, but I do not like champagne either. I saw risky guys - they very quickly switch to vodka, and then disappear, leaving debts and suicidal remarks in the chat.Second, my personal. I don't play the stock market where I do something else.Therefore, I am now immediately looking for something to play away from the Apollo Z system, although there are now jumping rates because of the war, like announced ones, and you can earn money. There's a reason I'm not going into Zera's system right now.First, I looked at the interest rates on time deposits. The dictatorship in system X Harpies on the 7th planet gets government loans at 5(!)%. It's a well-known fact, this is not good, the budget there, most likely, will collapse soon, their business smells like a revolution, a civil war or the collapse of the empire
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She and her friends were sitting, as usual, at the reception, the three of us at a wide table that stood on the stairs on the landing between the floors. Along a wide corridor, emerging from a painted green door, walking along a gray carpeted path, people sometimes approached them. They walked for 10 meters along a windowless passage, lit by a soft, matte gray light from long lamps in the ceiling and walls, in silence. Most were focused and businesslike, some were solemn or even pretentious. Most hid their anxiety, or maybe didn't feel it, and looked rather casual, as if nothing extraordinary was happening, as if what was happening was just a small everyday necessity. It's like going to the bath or something...Approaching the table, trying not to look the girls in the eyes, the guests showed their tickets. The girls smiled sweetly and said where to go next - to the upper or lower floor. Most walked down the stairs and there they disappeared into the brown doors. At those doors stood
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Above to remember a woman, for example, that conductor ... He scrupulously restored her eyes, knees, ankles, palms before his eyes. Slowly I walked my memory along my back, along the bed of a hollow along my spine. In the groin it became heavy, nervous electrical discharges moved from the lower back to the pubis. And then Ratmir remembered - right behind her coccyx she has a hole. No, not “that one”, but between it and the falcon there is a small hole. Ratmir was stuck on this memory - the gray morning light from the compartment window cast clear shadows, and the hole was visible like a small crater on the moon - clear, with sharp outlines.Did he think this morning that he would remember this hole before he died? Ratmir felt his shoulders trembling at this thought, and his lips stretched out in hard-to-control laughter. The fear is gone. The captain knew that now his eyes were shining bravely and cheerfully, and his face had acquired the cheerful confidence of a predatory beast, and
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Sent to the news agency marked URGENT!:“The 5th battalion of the international brigade, with the forces of one company of tanks and infantry, occupies Lindach at these hours. According to the battalion commander Erich Kloss, who personally heads the operation, the capture of the city passed without losses. The resistance of the militants is broken. More details from our correspondent in Lindach soon.” And I attached a video and photo to a text file.Then I went into the program, where a satellite panorama of Vastu was given, went down to the streets of Lindach, looking around what was where. On the outskirts along Awakening Street, they dug a trench and dragged corpses there. In the western part of the city, something burned and smoked. Tanks spread across the main squares. The infantry combed the houses, herding someone in crowds to the trenches, and someone to the central square.“In the western part of Lindach, the militants put up desperate resistance to the soldiers of Kloss, bu
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In retaliation, plasma and mortars again hit the 9-storey buildings of Ratmir and the sports center in short bursts ... So the day passed. By evening, Ratmir popped into the reception of the sports center to see what was happening with the wounded. 11 guys were lying on mattresses, under droppers. Another five “heavy” ones were loaded onto the bases from PAKs under tents, preparing to be sent to the rear, to the regimental doctors. Ratmir helped to drag a fighter laid on a tent onto the platform. At the moment when the tent was being pulled up, the anesthesia slipped off the guy and he began to moan, looking around frantically. Then he realized that he no longer had legs ... His paws were crushed by a stove in a collapsed apartment, where a tank hit in the afternoon. Doctors, doing everything right, amputated both limbs to the hips. Now this guy looked into the eyes of Ratmir - the first one he saw. The captain felt like he was about to lose consciousness at that look. There, in these
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The situation on the 5th planet of the Apollo Z system was displayed on the entire plasma screen. Rather, I was not looking at the situation, but simply towards the screen. It was no longer necessary to read the stats and information from the news feed. There was no point in zooming in on parts of the map, looking at the ruined streets of Kaulnin and its suburbs. It is clear that the Argunians did not immediately take the city, suffered huge losses and got bogged down in prolonged street battles. In a month of fighting along bombed-out roads, the Horde was able to transfer one combined arms division and several support battalions to this enclave remote from its main territory, compensating for the almost complete loss of the 22nd division.The Argunians still had a double superiority in forces here, but they did not have reserves that could radically change the balance in their favor. This means that they will take the city block by block for another couple of months - no less. Until
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Dreamers who haven't been to space, fooled by adventure romance, Star Wars songs and movies, think that space travel is fantastically interesting and exciting. The life of a Jedi, they say, is filled with events and sensations, always something new ...Space travel is a mortal anguish filled with nothing more than the vacuum of space itself. Only the average star wolf finds out about this too late, when his life can no longer be changed.Two weeks of flight to the 45th - conventional or instrumental time. The materials of the machine will wear out for 330-340 hours, approximately the same time is estimated by the power plant. It is customary to trust these indicators, and not to climb into the wilds of the type of dividing the relative distance by the relative speed. And even more so, you should not trust the sensations. The psyche feels any flight longer than three days as an eternity.The fourth day is a critical threshold, when you start to go crazy from inactivity and closed space
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