Chapter 01

The beach waves felt too good as I swam further with the Alpha through the warm waters never expecting that anything wrong could happen on the beach.

Pathetic me.

My dad released my hand and as usual... I swam to get a higher wavelength that I could use to show my skills to him but suddenly as I turned back, he disappeared.

I looked to my left and a wave of water rushed over my face and I swam up the beach waters to find my loving father who was just next to me but saw no one.

I turned to my right to look for him as my heart began to pound really fast to the fact that my father wasn't with me anymore with blood from nowhere, surrounding me instantly.

I started to cry as I shivered in fear.

"Dad?" I called out for him as I swam about to find him but soon decided to deep myself into the water.

So I could see.

It was my Alpha who was supposed to be in his swimming suits with golden armor all over his body like some sort of god.

I looked at him in a bizarre way.

His hair turns golden white - glowing so bright with a kind of presence over it that I could not help it, but feel amazed.

A lady tried swimming towards my direction with sleep and fear gripped the shit out of me because she seemed to be comfortable underwater like a fish.

She was uncommon to see.

She had a black tail that creeped the hell out of me too.

Was she really a mermaid or dressed up in some costume?

It was my first time as a Werewolf to witness seeing such a creature.

"Stay away from my daughter Zerba!" My dad says angrily as his dark chocolate looking skin begins to glitter underwater.

His alpha aura changes the weather instantly with lightning striking about.

I swam up to get air and when I descended again... I Screamed in fear as I saw two monsters with sharp horns swimming towards where my father and I were Located.

"Ella! Stay right behind me!" he says, holding a staff that looked exactly like the one that was carved in the necklace he had given to me before all these weird occurrences.

He rushed fighting the beast with blood rushing from under the ocean to the surface where I surely was now.

I turned confused as I looked around.

I screamed for the rogue's to come to save me but we were too far away from the shore for them to hear my voice.

I swam through the water, surprised that my dad acted unreal to the water.

He was underwater like he was on land breathing perfectly... I guess it was my own turn to meet my worst reality nightmare.

I couldn't take all that was happening around me so easily so I started swimming away to the shores but I heard my name from behind me strongly.


I turned to see Zerba swimming towards my direction. She looked nothing like a human because of the scales and black snake-like fishtail she used to swim towards me.

"As reality is, I am the Oceanic Luna and my heir and only daughter must receive her mother's blessing... Ella, I am your mother!" she says raising me with water but then ice rushed out from the waters hitting her away from me.

My hot looking daddy wasn't going to let mum hurt me at all.

How can she be my mum?

Zerba disappeared and I could see the confusion my dad had in his every reaction as he stared about the waters.

"Grand alpha... You know that you can't end me or stop me right?" she says in the background.

"This is destiny! It is the prophecy and there is nothing you can do about it! Don't separate me from my daughter!" She says as she from nowhere grabs me and swims away like she is some sort of flash.

"Daddy!" I screamed for my dad as I am beginning to classify my dad and every other creature present here as weird.

She dropped me over the water and I couldn't swim as the waters raised me up to her.

Then she smiled evilly with her teeth that were razor sharp and long like some sort of evil demon since her head looked almost human-like too but very demonic when she got upset.

My mum is the queen of the sea?

The horror was just too much for me to experience at once.

Her fingers possessed dark claws with blue glowing lines that were sharp - angrily like she wanted to slap the life out of me.

I looked out from her shoulders to see my dad from Afar.

He looked like he wanted to do something but at the same time, he was doing nothing to save me at this point.

I closed my eyes waiting for her to finish whatever she wanted to do with me but when I opened my eyes I saw something else.

She was transferring her powers into me and was becoming weak.

The waves rose so high with my dad in it.

I could sense my father using ocean blue wolves... An ability of a grand alpha.

I saw him turn into metal as the waves raised speedily.

"What do you want! We made a deal!" My father screamed.

"I am Zerba! Queen of the oceans! Mother of Ella! Heir to the Oceanic luna!" She says bitterly as my father - the alpha grabs her neck.

"You have hidden our child away from me for so long and you have replaced me with some earthly wolf? after we made a deal to keep your kind safe?" she says in tears.

What deal?

"You used me! I would have flooded the earth with my waters but my daughter has been your only salvation!" She said looking into his eyes and I got emotional.

"Dad! Is she really my mum?" I asked.

"Yes! But Zerba! Our child is of both worlds and you know that she has to live her father's legacy and not yours! I am a Grand Alpha!" My father angrily says back in return.

"You forget that we are both God's in our own places, and As much as you need her, I do too!" She replies.

"If she is not going to stay with me to kill the beast of the earth... A royal Alpha and the oceanic luna's blood must be sacrificed to keep the gates of hell sealed forever!" She says in return.

"You have to think, it's either her blood gets sacrificed to seal the gates or you and I, offer our bloods to keep her alive." She says to him.

"Then let us get on with it." My father said to her in return.

The waters drew me closer to them and I stayed in their midst as the waters rose, forming a large circle with the moonlight glowing above.

I started to lift off from the waters into the air and it was then I saw my father's full werewolf powers.

He had two eyes over his forehead that were beaming red and he fired all of his energy into me... And the oceanic luna enchants a song with thunder going through my veins.

She was wearing off already.

I turned and saw my father transferring his alpha powers into me till he began to burn off.

And at once, they busted into stardust.

"Ella! Find your mate and guard the worlds" I hear my father and oceanic mums voice say in echoes.

I screamed in pain of the powers transferred into me.

I closed my eyes feeling as these energies rushed through me.

The large water ball exploded, carrying me towards the shores.

I crawled out of the waters and a group of humans there ran away from the horrific look of thick monster blood that was all over me.

But common!

I'm just a seventeen years old cutie!

I could only see a blur and then the exact vibration of my mum, the pack's Luna, was felt by me as I turned to see her running towards me with tears all over her eyes.

I looked up to the sky.

And I heard those words again.

"find your mate." 

"Guard the worlds."

I wonder who my mate would be.

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