Chapter 02

"Ella? what happened to you?" My father's mistress falls to my side, raising my head up to her.

But I still call her mum, she's lovely.

"Why are you covered in blood?"

"Where is the alpha? your father?" She asked me speedily and I began to cry thinking about what happened to him as well.

"No! He gave you his necklace? No! He can't do this to me, He can't die now..." She cried holding me to herself.

Did he sacrifice himself for me?

I held her tightly as weak feelings rushed through my body at once with my eyes closing.

Then, I woke up in the shock of the nightmare which I always dream of even now that I am just turning eighteen.

I find it difficult to believe that all that was a dream or a childhood imagination of mine.

My father, the Alpha, is still nowhere to be found.

All I crave is to know my purpose.

So that the darkness of those days - fright.

Will not shut my eyes anymore.

"Ella" my mum called my name and I answered back with a yeah.

"Ella" She screams like she is in trouble and I jumped up from the bed with my blind eyes searching for where the door was just for something to cut me.

I quickly withdrew just for me to fall back to my bed and then from the bed again to the ground with the pillows falling over my head.

I hit myself hard to the thick floor with pain rushing through my body.

I cried in pain a bit, as I struggled to stand up from the floor and finally I stood up trying to figure my life out.

I crawled till I found the door.

Opening it as I screamed my mums' name afraid of what she was going through at this point.

I knew the stairs were next, before I reached where she was and I slowly used the wall to search for the stairs handle.

I felt the touch to my hand as I stretched holding the stairs handle using it to walk down the stairs as gently and slowly as possible to avoid falling down.

"Mum! What is going on?" I said and continued..."Should I call the rogues?" Since I was still in the atmosphere of torment.

"Ella! They took it away! Ella!" I hear her cry already knowing that she was in trouble or some sort.

Where were those rogue's!

I quickly left the stair handle using the wall to 

rushed downstairs just for me to skip a staircase and it was me falling down from the stairs with my shoulders receiving harsh pains as I tumbled till I stopped.

At this point, I wish I could see but it turns out that even those that can't see also care.

I struggled through the ground as I searched for the main door opening it quickly.

"Luna! Where are you, I'm calling the rogues if you don't answer me." I said out loud but got no answers but sounds of anger.

"What's happening, mum! Please tell me already." I said to her even so I did not know the exact place that she was.

I called on the rogue's.

"The pack potion of strength is missing." she says angrily and I could feel her aura.

"Mum, you can get a new one, please stop getting angry already," I said to her feeling down that I couldn't help her as well.

"The potion was specifically made for you to regain your strength and help your eyes to heal" she says out and it was then I knew why she was really pissed.

I hear her footsteps come over towards my direction.

It was the exact vibrations that made me know that it was my mum... Kind of a weird ability I have since that mysterious day.

I stretched my hand over to her and she hugged me instead and I hugged her back as we both laid on each other's shoulders.

"Don't feel down together with me Ella! We have to live through this... We have to survive okay?" She says like it's a question and I nod arranging her hair.

"I wonder how I would get that potion remade again, the plants used are rarely found." she says releasing the hug.

"By the way... Why do you look so messy?" She asked and to reduce the stress that was already on her I told her that it was nothing.

"Ella please, you have to take good care of yourself when I am not around because I can't always have my eyes on you even so that is all I do all the time alright." she purrs signing as she must have seen how messy my hair must have looked.

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