Chapter 05

"They are swimming clothes actually, I want you to free the pain of your past in that beach," he says gently.

"I really want to go there so that I can face my fears but my mum would not let me go because the doctor asked her not to take me there ever again," I said to him and he held my hands.

"I just wish I could see my dad again and thank you for believing the fantastic horrific story I told you about my dad," I said to him and I could already tell that he was smiling.

"Actually I found it hard to believe, but your dad was a hybrid so that figures the reason why it's true" he says and I lay my head over the seat edge as I closed my eyes about devouring him because he did not believe me for all these years.

"I'm joking, to be sincere I believe you because there wasn't a trace of your dad anywhere so i think you need to ask your mum some questions." swiftly he advises.

"Ronald my mum would not let you take me out of this house especially to the beach because that is contradictory to what the doctor asked her to do," I said to him thinking.

He grabbed my shoulders and I feared for what he was about to do as he leaned me into his chest for me to rest.

"I don't like seeing you all the time in this house, you eat all your food here, you don't even have the chance to walk about, and every education you get is in here... Aren't you too beautiful to be treated like you're in prison for a future luna?" he says, kissing my head.

I loved the fact that I was in between his manly huge chest.

The kisses he kept giving to me were nice together with the praises.

"Okay, I'd follow you Ronald but my protection must follow me anywhere I want to go," I said to him and he smiled.

"You mean your mum?" He asked of which certainly, I think it was my mum but now it is against her wishes.

So it had to be someone else.

"It's you," I said to him and he tightened his hug with a heated intense kiss over my head.

Yeah! Me and you alone.

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