Chapter 04

I went down with my palm rubbing over his trouser with him getting immediately hard.

So hard that I could feel his dick.

And it was so huge! And long!

I kissed him back as he held me tightly to himself just for him to release me when footsteps came from the stairs.

I laughed cause it was a bit funny and Ronald laughed as well.

I wish I could see his grownup face but that just reminded me that he has a girlfriend.

I should not have kissed him even though I love him but wait... He kissed me first.

Probably flirting and I fell for it.

"So how is your girlfriend?" I asked him and he breathed out and I can already tell that something was wrong somewhere.

"Ronald! She did not deserve to be broken by you." I said to him, getting pissed at the fact that since Ronald was fourteen he secretly formed a habit of having girlfriends and dumbing them down the earliest.

"No Ella, this time it wasn't my fault, she actually was getting engaged in a restaurant where I went to get dinner from." he said to me and I chuckled.

"So she accepted, right?" I asked and he replied with "Yes"

"It's because you are not serious, Well you will surely get a new girlfriend as usual." I laughed out and I'm sure he was frowning now.

"But you loved her right?" I asked and he replied with "No"

"So? You didn't lose anything, you didn't love her and she got engaged, you should be happy" I said and he sat next to me.

"Ronald, what happened a few minutes between me and you was just a mistake, I shouldn't have complied with it." I said to him and he traced his fingers into mine and I giggled.

"Ella I have done a lot with other girls, fake engagements, paid to date, sugar mummy, you name it, and so much more but now i regret it." He says and silence follows.

"Why? Thought it was fun?" I asked.

"I felt so bad because I discovered the reason why all the relationships I joined never worked out was because I am in love with you Ella." he says and I slapped him till he ran away from the chair.

"Oh my god, Ronald! You are not just a bad spirited boy but a rotten bad boy" I said as I used the chair's pillow to stone him and he cries "ouch" like it had hurt him.

"Ronald! It's me, your best friend Ella who has always been blind... which means a person unable to see physically but just spiritual things of her environment and you claim to love me... Why?" I asked him to wait for a reply.

"Love is unconditional, love is not judgemental, love is the love i have for you," he says and before he could come any closer I threw a pillow at him before he would do anything crazy.

"I wonder how you can tell my exact position and throw a pillow at me... That's a kinda weird baby." he says excitedly with a flirtatious tone.

"I am not your baby Ronald! Mr. Playboy, you need to stop coming for visits though, my mum thinks you love me for real" I said to him and he chuckled.

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