Chapter 09

Since her father died and she lost her eyes, many people say it's the curse of the gods but I know that it is not any of that because she got blind as a result of an accident.

I didn't know what exactly happened to her but I can tell that she must have hit her face or head hard on something thick like a rock to have gotten that illness.

I wish I could make her see me, I wish I could tell her that I loved looking into her beautiful eyes but could this wish of mine ever come through?

I am just a rogue after all.

Luna later explained to my general about the relationship he had with her daughter and that is the reason he lets me come over to her chambers to stay with her but now that he knows how stubborn I can be, he doesn't care much about it anymore.

Since all these years I have dated many girls that rush me because they all love the fact that I am really handsome and sexy too.

Ella, on the other hand, tries to show how interested she is in me even though she is blind and all these beautiful qualities keep attracting me to her… And I couldn't help it but visit.

My first girlfriend was her but it wasn't that serious since we were still kids, I just told her that I loved her and the reason why she should not play with other boys but only me. When she could see and she funnily listened to my words.

My wolf loves her not just for the fact that she's beautiful with basic women qualities but for the reason that Ella once fed me in my times of hunger so my wolf treasures her aIot.

Though the general would be mad at me or at Ella if we Ever fell in love, he was so happy to have met Ella and have seen Ella's kind act from afar before she even came close to me.

But I could still sense something off about him.

As the years passed by Ella kept telling me about what happened the day she lost her father and I couldn't help but be interested in listening to what she had to say.

"My dad is in the ocean and I have to meet him" we're her words and I tried to believe that she was mentally stable as her words were too fantastic to just believe.

Her story of the experience she had at the beach sounded so true because it packed no loopholes  since lies are the only thing that is capable of having loopholes.

I had to believe her words because she was already special to me.

I finally man up and came to see Ella even though I felt jealous of her being educated at her chambers, whilst I have to go to school every day.

I was now seated next to her hoping that she was okay.

She confessed that she was and it was then something pushed past me. 

Luna used her speed to excuse me and her to have a conversation.

I shifted closer to her just to get a closer picture of her beautiful face and it was then that I got stuck in a love circle.

I was deeply staring at Ella instead of normally staring, and it was supposed to feel awkward at first but it did not feel like that at all.

I arranged her hair behind her eyes thinking of the only thing that kept making my baby Ella sad.

And She told me that same word to my face again... "I don't think I'd follow you out because of my condition," she says after I asked her if she was going to go out with me without her mum's knowledge.

But something else kept dragging me towards her lips. There was something different about today and no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, it just couldn't let me go.

I kissed her so deeply as I dragged her into myself but as footsteps approached us, I released her and sat properly.

It was then that I understood why my relationship with other girls never worked out.

It was because... The person I have always loved is Ella.

My best friend.

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