Chapter 10
-Ellas Pov-

"Alright mum, there's no one here now, Drill is gone and that reminds me... The house smells like food!" I said out loud as I traced myself to the kitchen.

"Ella, I hope you are not trying to go to the kitchen... Don't you know that you'd hurt yourself since you can't see?" She says like there's something in her mouth.

"You are eating a burger aren't you?" I said smiling and she laughed where she was with her stomach probably shaking like a tank right now.

"Well no, I am not eating burger" she replies to me with the sounds from her mouth making her so guilty that it felt a bit wrong for her to lie to me.

"Mum! How many times has the witch doctor told you to stop eating burgers!" I asked.

"Last time... That was the problem with your blood sugar level!" I said about exploding in frustration cause I knew as time was passing she was speedily eating it like it was some kind of competition.

"Baby! I am so sorry to tell you that most times you just have to break the witches
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