Chapter 105

Lina's POV

The week came and gone like the rush of a wind and I began fitting into college a little bit better.My roommate Claudine still stayed away as she referred to me as ‘Goody goody'.I made new friends who were also fresher's like me and stayed away from some people who wanted me out of their turf...

‘I'm starving i think I'd go get something to eat.You coming Lina??'..Evan,a fresher like me asked and i shrugged..

‘Yeah I'm hungry myself'..I said and we both went to the cafeteria.He ordered for chilli fries and chicken burger while i ordered for hot dogs since my allowance was quickly dropping...

‘You need a diet coke with that'..he murmured..

‘Can't afford it,i think I'll just have water or something'..i replied and bit into my hotdog..

‘That's why you need a job,almost everyone in school have one and i just got mine

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