Chapter 104

Alpha Derrick's POV cont'd

The Next Morning



‘Mom you've gotta help me I didn't rape Lina!! I swear with my life mom i didn't rape her!!'..i said aloud holding onto my mom's hands...

‘I know you're innocent baby and i would do my best to save you'..she replied kissing my knuckles..

‘Mom am going to jail right??'..

‘No my baby you're not going to Jail!! I won't let you go to jail you're not going to jail!!'..She groaned holding onto my cheeks and I nodded...

This is all happening because of her!!..

Lina is the reason for all this!!..

I hate her so much and I just wish I could take back every single word I said to her,i wish I could take back every caress,every kiss,every tease,every joke..

I wish I could take everything back and shove it down her throat..


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