Chapter 111

‘You guys both made a very wise decision, a very wise decision indeed'.

Mrs Carlson said from behind us.

‘Mom?!! Were you dropping in our conversation?!!'... Lina screamed and we all laughed...

 - - - 

I stood in the large house afraid and anxious to know what Alpha Derrick and Mrs Anderson were saying.Mom held onto my hand as soon as we both heard yelling and bickering from inside and in a minute they both walked out...

‘Lina stand up'..she ordered and I jerked to my feet immediately...

‘Mrs Anderson I...

‘Don't say anything i forgive you and I'm ready to accept the fact that you're here to stay and accept the baby too'...She said and i almost shrieked for joy.

‘Thank you' mom said on my behalf and she smiled.

‘So Alpha Derrick and Lina are you two getting married?

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