Chapter 110

Lina's POV 

I gulped hard as Alpha Derrick and I walked to the Terrace of Serani's building with a heavy heart.He didn't say a word so i didn't either and we just kept looking at each other...

‘So are we gonna pretend like you didn't do something stupid??'..He finally spoke up..

‘Alpha Derrick look i—

‘You're pregnant with my child Lina and the only thing you had to do was run away because you don't want me to know?? What kind of a person are you seriously?!! Sometimes i wonder if you really think before making decisions!! This is a child we're talking about here!! My child Lina,Our child!! And you didn't deem it fit to tell me?? What about the promises we made to each other huh?? What about not keeping secrets from each other?!! What happened to all that?!!'..He yelled and i broke down in tears..

‘I'm sorry Alpha Derrick!! I was dazed and confu

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