Chapter 113 - Completed

‘There's a box showing in your pockets so it's pretty obvious'..He cut in and I quickly grabbed the red velvet box in my pocket and shoved it into Uriel's snack bag which i never forget.

‘Well you can pop —Ohh hey Lina'..He cut himself waving and I turned sharply.

‘Hey Evan,hey baby'..She replied..

‘Hey... I tried to say but she cornered reaching out to Uriel.

‘So I'm not your baby?'a I sked and she smiled.

‘Of course you are come here'..She replied and I kissed her softly.

‘Ooh they're smooching all right'


‘Okay I'm going I'm going!!' He said and walked away with Uriel in his arms.

‘So you like my speech??'... She asked and I nipped at my bottom lip knowing that i didn't even hear a thing.

‘Alpha Derrick??' She inquired further.

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