Chapter 14
I cried as I prayed to the moon Goddess and soon slept off dreaming of what I wished could happen for real as I saw my dad coming back to me just for him to turn into water.

I jumped up from the bed scared just to discover that it was already late in the morning hours and a smile appeared over my lips.

I walked to the wall clock and started counting from one to twelve.

And then I traced my fingers over the long hand and short hand time indicators till I knew what the time was.

All this would have been easier if I had asked my iPhone Siri the time.

So it is thirty minutes past six.

I rushed out from my room speedily just to come to a halt at the stairs.

I didn't want to wake my mum up from the bed nor was I ready to tumble over the stairs.

I took a slow step to get the first staircase just for me to match something slippery.

My heart pounded hard instantly as my whole body ascended from the stairs with my brain already telling me how bad I would fall.

I finally landed but in s
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