Chapter 15
"Mum... Who is the other person called water?" I asked her as I began to follow her into the kitchen.

"Were you dreaming? It's six in the morning and there's no one here with us" she says as she gives me a glass of water on my right hand and a pill to take before I have my breakfast.

"Mum! You are keeping to your promise right?" I asked her and she kept silent for a while.

"Mum... Please don't try to think about this at all because you have already promised yesterday" I said to her, waiting for her reply.

"Ella, take your drugs so you could finish off with your breakfast already, I am not backing out of my promise because it's a culture" she says weirdly sounding unlike her to me.

I took my medicine and my mum showed me where to sit and I finally sat down waiting for her to show me where my plate was and give me my spoon to eat but something felt off with my body as all these were happening.

I could feel the elements of the house and could hear even the littlest of sounds from th
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