Chapter 51


"So you have been faking a pregnancy for two months? You made us believe you are pregnant for the alpha?"

I froze on hearing the voice.

Oh my goodness!

Don't tell me someone heard me.

"It was your plan all along Jenny? You made me look like a fool to believe you, you are so impossible." 

Alpha Ronald's Mum said with so much anger and hatred lashing from her voice. 

Gosh! I am bursted, my game has finally ended. 

"I ..I ..I am sorry Mum, I can explain " I replied stuttering going towards her made my blood dry.

She slapped me! Thrice! 

Three hot slaps landed on my face! 

I have never seen her angry at me before. She loved me so much! What have I done? 

A tear escaped my eyes i

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