Chapter 82

Lina's POV cont'd

I stared blankly at Trevor and Alpha Derrick not knowing what else to do and thank goodness to my rescue Mrs Anderson walked in on the three of us.

‘What's going on??'..She asked

‘Nothing'..we all replied in unison.Alpha Derrick went back to his video game while Trevor and I went upstairs.

‘Jeez that was a moment'..He murmured as he helped me open my door and dropped my bag on my bed

‘Hmmm'..I murmured in reply also and he arched his brow seeing the tensed look on my face.

‘So if Mrs Anderson hadn't come in what who would you have followed? Me or Alpha Derrick?'..He asked and I flinched.

‘Uhhh I..I really don't well...I would have followed Alpha Derrick no offence'..I stuttered tucking my hair behind my ear.

‘Ohhh there's no cause for alarm I kn

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