Chapter 92

Lina's POV

‘My ankle hurts so bad'..I groaned as Alpha Derrick touched my shoulders.He arched his brow and then crouched down to where I was taking my leg in his hands..

‘You really need to chill and let me help you'..He said icily and his chilly voice sent sweet chills down my spine.His hands worked it's way up my toe releasing an ache that I didn't even notice..

‘That feels better'..I sighed deeply and he smirked standing up.His hand reached into his camping bag and he brought out half a granola bar,I searched my own camping bag and all I found was a chicken sandwich with a carton of milk...

‘I only have a granola bar'..He murmured..

‘Well I have a carton of milk and a chicken sandwich wanna share??'..I replied...

‘Okay let's do it this way,you take half of my granola bar and I'll take half of your sandwich deal??'..He sa

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