Chapter 93

Lina's POV

‘What?!! The whole school wants to sneak out with us??!'..I asked totally amazed about the whole situation..

‘Yes but to be honest i don't think it's a good idea,i think we should just sneak out without them cause it'll be way too obvious'..Trevor suggested and i nodded..

‘Yeah you're kind of right about that,i don't think we should—

‘Where are you all off to??'..I heard Principal Terian's voice and then all of a sudden all the lights came on exposing almost everyone.Everybody began scurrying into their rooms and some hid behind trees so they wouldn't be caught and then all of a sudden i spotted Alpha Derrick and Mr Rudolf coming towards us with his hand rested on Mr Rudolf's shoulders...

‘Alpha Derrick!!!'..i screamed and ran towards him.I jumped on his body and when he almost toppled off I got down from his body...


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