Chapter 98

Lina's POV

‘Well if that's what you want then its what you'll get,I'll make sure I avoid you in school and when we're home we'd be in a relationship there's no problem Alpha Derrick Anderson but what you just did today shows that you're ashamed of me and you are unsure about your feelings'...I muttered with tears welling up in my eyes...

‘Okay so is that what you really think?!! That I'm ashamed of you?!! It's like you don't even trust me Lina!! How are we supposed to be in a relationship if there's no trust huh?! Yesterday you accused me of still liking Veronica Hampton and now you're saying I'm unsure about my feelings for you?!! Give me a break gosh!!!'..He screamed and slammed the door on my face.I went down to the ground and tears flowed down my cheeks.Serani came into the bathroom immediately and when she saw me on the floor and crouched to my position...

‘He broke up with you?? Tell me and I'll b

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