Chapter 99

Lina's POV

‘Is he okay??'..Mrs Anderson asked as she bursted through the door of the school's clinic and I shook my head..

‘He passed out Mrs Anderson and I think we need to take him to the hospital'..I replied..

‘I'm okay'.. Alpha Derrick murmred with his eyes half closed..

‘You are not okay Alpha Derrick!! How many times have I warned you about ignoring your health!! You're always trying to act like a superhero!!'..She scolded and I sighed deeply.We both carried him to the car and I felt like my skin was burning when I felt his temperature...

‘Jeez you're burning,we really need to get you to a hospital'..I muttered as his mom and I placed him at the back of the car..

‘I..I said I'm..I'm okay I don't want to go to the hospital'..he panted heavily...

‘You have to visit the hospital and why are you

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