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After the death of his father and the pathetic health impediment of his mother, Mark Austin is faced with the harsh certitudes that come with the obligations of manhood. His journey into the hourly-burly of hustling began after he was forced to sell the only home his father left behind to foot the bill of his mum at the hospital. He began working as a Chef in one of the topmost restaurants in Chicago. Regardless, while being paid peanuts he was shamefully treated, belittled, and abhorred. As a result of his adaptation to the life of luxury that he enjoyed when his father was still alive, the ill-treatment and discomfiture he received from those who came to eat at the restaurant came as a poultice on his face and this made the transition from his once naive personality to one backhanded and tough-skinned rapid. He now hated everyone in the whole world! Soon enough he was smiled upon by providence as he became the only dernier resort to the whereabouts of the wife of the wealthiest billionaire’s in Chicago after she was abducted by armed men What will be his rejoinder when he stands face to face with the same anonymous individuals who exterminated his dad? Will he feel elated when he is reimbursed for all his exertion and toils when he was offered as his wife the billionaire's daughter and half of the cities in Chicago? A new lease of life you might diagnose!

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INCEPTION OF AGONY “So you think life is equitable and rewards everyone accordingly? I negate that. My dad was a good man, anyone can attest to that, yet he was murdered brutally .” Mark enunciated bitterly to Johnson his friend on the phone as he took one more glance at the impotent body of his mum on the bed.“ No I don't, it's just an inference. But what could have tripped your mum from the second floor? was she at home with anyone?” Johnson asked over the phone. “ I just arrived here and I'm as bewildered as you are. She is not even moving or giving any sign of life”“ I'm so sorry about that Mark. I hope she recovers soon.” Johnson said in a serene tone.“I hope so too. Thanks man.” Mark responded.“I will be going to present my project files to the HOD alongside yours, if there is anything I can do to help do not hesitate to call me ok?”“Alright. We will talk later.” Mark said and ended the call. He took one more glance at his mum who was half paralyzed on
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The time was 5:45P.M that evening when Mark rushed into the hospital. He headed straight to Doctor Dublin's office. As soon as he got to the stairs that led to the second floor where his office was, he spotted the doctor making his way down the stairs with his briefcase in his right hand.“Are you leaving?” Mark asked as they both halted and moved to the side of the stairs to allow others to pass.“ Yes, I have closed for the day. You have to return tomorrow. You were supposed to be here earlier.” The doctor said,“But I told you i was going to gather the money and would return before the day closes I didn't know You would be taking off so early.” Mark said with a beseeching tone.“ You should have called earlier or told me you were coming. There is nothing I can do again today. You have to return with the money tomorrow then we can begin her treatment.” The doctor declared in an unsympathetic tone.“Please can't you begin the treatment now? Please doctor. I had to go sell the onl
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Mum! Mum! Talk to me.M…Mummmm! He broke down In tears and screeched painfully. As the doctor used a white cloth to cover her. He stood up from where he was kneeling and rushed forward wailing . “ Leave her alone! She's not dead yet.L..leave her alone!Just then, the sound from the noises outside the passage of the hospital Jerked him up. Sweat was all over his face and his heart palpitated so loudly as though it would tear his heart out. He was soaked and was sweating profusely despite the air conditioner that was in the room. He was breathing faster and then it slowed down. It was just a dream. He jumped up from the bed and headed towards the door and then outside. The noise that had woken him up was coming from the passage. A man with a mental condition was trying to force his way out of the hospital while the security guards were tugging him up and dragging him back. Mark ignored them, making his way to the stairs. He went straight to the ward where his mum was. As he approac
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With a pinch of excitement ringing in his voice he picked up his phone and dialled Johnson's number he then placed the phone by his ear.“Man, what's up?” Mark asked as soon as Johson picked up the phone.“I'm good. And you?”“Guess what?” Mark said as he walked out of the restaurant with an envelope in his left hand.“I was about to call you about your mum’s surgery. It was successful and she is now better right? Because you sound happy”“No not my mum. But yeah, the surgery was successful however she still can not speak for now. The doctor said her recovery from the fall would be progressive. So there would be other subsequent treatments and payments.” Mark responded in a meager tone. The issue of his mums condition which Johnson had just brought up had drain down the little cheerfulness he had gotten after he passed the interview at the restaurant. “So there are other subsequent payments?”“Yeah, but thats not why I called. I went for an interview at the vacancy I told you abo
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“She will not be able to take anything solid for now just get her something liquid.” Doctor Dublin said after Mark entered his office and asked.“How long is she going to remain in that condition doctor? Mark asked in despair.“We would do all we can to get her back on her feet again. Let's just hope and pray that she responds to treatments very fast. “How about the subsequent payments? How much is that going to cost us?“What we did for her was just the Major surgery which means she would undergo two other minor surgerys and this would cost seven hundred dollars each.”“Seven hundred dollars!” Mark exclaimed and added. Doctor that's too much. My father is dead. I'm still a student who just sold the only house my father left behind to pay for the first surgery. Where will I get the money to continue with the two other surgeries? Is there no other alternatives?”“None boy. Except you don't want her to get back on her feet again or talk.” Doctor Dublin said without any sign of remorse
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This was the first time he was going to be working under anyone to get paid. All his life his father had always provided him with the things he needed. He had never lacked anything and so there was no need to go look for a job to do somewhere. He arrived at Samanta restaurant at exactly 6:01 AM that morning as the boss had informed him to resume. He went straight to the kitchen and was given the kitchen apron and hat to put on. It came at first as a splash on his face and a hint of what was still coming when Macpherson, the head chef whom he met at the kitchen slicing some vegetables opened the one of the drawers at the top of the kitchen shelve, he pulled out a waste bin nylon and threw it at Mark harshly and straightforwardly said.“ The waste.”“You said?” Mark asked in astonishment as he picked up the nylon which fell from his body to the floor.“ Empty the waste bin alongside the one we used yesterday.” McPherson said pointing to the waste bin basket at the back of the large
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“Man, you can imagine how the head chef was misbehaving. That guy has a backhanded personality. It's just my first day and it already feels like I can't take it any longer.” Mark explained as he closed from work that evening and called Johson.“ I understand. I have gone through a similar experience too. Remember when we were in our second year when I was doing a part-time job to find my school bills and upkeep?”“Yeah, I remember. When you almost missed two major tests.” “Exactly, it was a terrible experience for me but I endured it for a whole year. So I perfectly understand. You just have to endure. At least not for yourself but your mum.” Johnson.“Honestly that would be the only thing that could keep me here, Mr mum. In fact. I didn't want to bother you with these seeing you are also not in a good condition financially. The doctor told me yesterday that for the subsequent payments, the bills would cost her seven hundred dollars.” Mark expressed and waited for Johnson’s reaction
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“ You must work for complete eight hours and inform me before closing ok?” The head chef said that morning as soon as he resumed work. The following day. Mark, who was fuming with anger that morning, didn't respond. He just nodded his head affirmatively. In his mind he compared the age of the head chef to his. Even from his physical stature, he looked far older than the head chef.Mark continued with his daily activities at the restaurant that Monday Friday morning. His objective was to leave early that morning so he could go look for an apartment which he could rent for himself and his mum as he had discussed with Jason the previous day as he had discussed earlier on with.The time was eleven o'clock that morning after they had finished preparing all the dishes which children was on the roaster for that particular Friday. Mark noticed that the orders that were coming from the restaurant were dual of the numbers of the attendants that were there so he decided to leave the kitchen to
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“You just have to be careful with these people. I have experienced worse than these. Some would go as far as bathing you with hot tea.” Johnson said as that walked out of the restaurant that evening after they closed work forThat day.Fortunately they had both closed at the same time and Jason was leaving the restaurant at the same time Mark was also leaving and so they both walked each other.“So you have experienced such before? Mark asked.“ Yeah. Countless times. I'm used to it.” Jason said and laughed. “Nah, I can't get used to such. And you remained here? For how long have you been working here?”“This is my second year.” Jason responded. “Wow. I don't think I can endure such. Mark said .as they walked towards they walked close to the hospital. Before they parted ways. Mark asked him if he knew anywhere he could get an accommodation for rent. Mark explained to him that he was for the main time staying in their hospital where his mum was recievening treatment.“ Hmm. I saw
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