Elmo Brown Taste Of Revenge

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Elmo Brown Taste Of Revenge

By: Baby Tom CompletedUrban/Realistic

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"Useless, impoverished son-in-law!" "Get lost!" ... These were the harsh words that Elmo Brown constantly had to endure while living with the Lara's family. His wife's family looked down on him, her relatives belittled him, and even his wife who is an upcoming actress constantly berated him, going as far as betraying him and being with another man. She had no shame when Elmo confronted her with evidence of her infidelity, and they forced him to divorce her. Little did they know Elmo had inherited the mighty Brown family fortune and now possessed wealth and power. The wife's relatives who once scorned him would now be trampled beneath his feet, one by one! The family that humiliated him would now be forced to grovel at the soles of his shoes! His unfaithful wife sought out a wealthy and powerful man, so he would show her what true, absolute power was. With Elmo's appearance, everything else was merely a speck of sand in his journey of revenge and reclaiming all that was rightfully his.

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  • Ogbu John


    What an interesting book with a whole lots of lessons to learn, don't disperse anyone due to the person's condition because things may eventually change one day for the better.

    2023-07-06 11:22:37
  • Ibiso Bobmanuel


    Oh? I have been following this book for a while now. it's amazing!

    2023-06-18 22:40:40
  • Chukwudi Noble


    It's really amazing

    2023-09-20 08:59:14
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183 chapters
Elmo Brown was riding his tricycle to reach the mansion where he has been working as a sweeper. He was doing this job to help his wife Kiara. She is a new actress and doesn't earn much. All what he has been doing has only been for him and his wife. He had been working hard and just so he could make his wife Kiara and mother in law satisfied and happy.. Aside from the fact that he cleans people's houses, he also works as an errand boy for the wealthy and he did all this just to meet his means. He walked to the mansion entrance and saw the house chef who was about to enter the house. "Good day Miss." Elmo greeted just to have the attention of the house chef and when she turned to him, she just looked at him with a disgusted face. "How many times do I have to tell you to wear proper dress and have a bath?" She sneered. Her facial expression changed as though she would vomit if she stayed more. "Miss, I'm here to clean the house…I was informed by the agent that this house needs a
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From a wealthy family
The word 'divorce' rang in Elmo's ear and he felt shock to the core. He just couldn't believe that the person who he loved and endured all the insults for was asking for a divorce. Could it be possible that he heard wrongly? "You want us to divorce?" Elmo asked. "Yes I want a divorce because I am totally and completely suffocated by this stupid marriage and the best thing right now is for us to end this marriage!" "Kiara but you know I have done a lot of this marriage so why are you saying all this now. Please don't say this!" He pleaded. "Humph! I don't like repeating myself so just accept whatever I say." Kiara said feeling irritated and Elmo could already figure out that Kiara's mind is made up already so he stopped speaking. Tears streamed down Elmo's cheek. "Kiara, thank you for making me realize that I am not who you want as a husband. I am really sorry for every pain and embarrassment I have cost you because of this marriage. You can call me and let me know when the divor
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He's a big shot!
He boarded a cab to one of the most luxurious hotels in Fallon city and since Elmo was now $100 million rich, he decided to pay for the room. On getting to the receptionist office, he was greeted with a beautiful woman. "Hi, I want to book a room for the night." Elmo said. The receptionist raised her head from the file and looked at the person who just spoke. Her look at him was of disgust. Looking at the rag he was wearing, she wondered how he could afford a room at this hotel. "Excuse me sir, are you sure you read the sign board outside." She asked. "Yes I read it. This is a seven star hotel." Elmo answered. "Since you know this is a seven star hotel, why are you here?" She asked again with an irritated look thrown at Elmo. "This is a hotel and I have the right to be here. Can you just give me a room and let me go." Elmo said. "Sorry, all the rooms and suites available are all filled up so there's no room for you." She said in an unpleasant tone. She just couldn't give him a r
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Seeing the family
With the key in his hands he was directed to the suite. As he stepped into the presidential suite, his jaw dropped in awe. The room was larger than his entire apartment back home. He couldn't believe this, and he felt like he was living a dream.He made his way to the bedroom, and his eyes widened as he saw the king-sized bed with its silky sheets and fluffy pillows. He couldn't wait to sink into it and drift off to sleep.But it wasn't just the furnishings that impressed him. The suite had a stunning view of the city skyline, and he could see all the way to the horizon. He stood at the floor-to-ceiling windows, feeling like he was on top of the world. As the day comes to a close, the sky begins to take on a different hue. The once bright and shining sun begins to set, painting the sky with a myriad of colors. The air begins to cool as the warmth of the sun fades away, and the world prepares for the night ahead.In the midst of the night, the world seems to come alive with its own un
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Mom, I'm to blame
"The secret agent I asked to bring you back told me about what happened when he saw you at your mom's house. He told me you were about killing yourself with a knife. I really can't tell what would have happened to me if you died. Please don't ever try taking your life again.""Grandfather, I promise I won't ever try that again. Now I know I have a family, I have no reason to commit suicide again." Elmo assured the old man."Alright, I hope you keep your words. Uh I also had the agent to investigate where you have been living all these years after your mom's death and he told me you have been staying with your in-laws. I can't believe you were always treated badly by those mothers and daughters duo!" He said.How could they treat you like a worthless? I'll make sure they pay for all they have done in ten folds! Firstly I want you to tell me what punishment you want to punish them for all the unjust done to you, if you want I can get her ruined forever so that even if they tried getting
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CEO of QX group of conglomerate
The bright ray of light shone on Elmo as he stretched his body on his big soft bed, after dressing up, he went downstairs. Elmo's face was just beaming with a smile as if this was the first time in years that he had ever slept peacefully."Elmo you are awake? Come have a cup of tea." Sonia said as she walked closer to Elmo with a big smile on her glowing face."Sure. Wow, this tea tastes nice. Who made it?""I made it myself." Sonia replied.Just as Elmo was about to say something, Peter walked into the villa looking happy as he was flushed at how big the villa is."God Elmo, everything you told me over the phone last night was true? Gosh I am so happy that my best friend is now a wealthy man and I know I'll also be a wealthy man because I am your friend." He smiled as he continued speaking non stop. "Now that you are in a powerful family, I am gonna get a Bugatti Veyron and a white Mercedes Benz for myself. In fact I am gonna fulfill every single thing that is on my wish list." He
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Car shop
Seeing Stuart leaving the office, Peter quickly turned to Elmo with a large smile on his face. "What's with the smile?" Elmo asked, looking suspiciously at the smiling Peter. "What do you mean? Can't I smile again without any reason?" "I really know you want to say something. So spill it out." "You sure do know me. Well you are right. Uh, why don't we go get a car for yourself." Elmo raised his eyebrows. "Why should we do that? You know there are many cars in the villa already so why should we go get another one?" He asked. "C'mon Elmo, why are you such a miser? It's really not bad to have a personal car that you bought yourself. Let go now, I am really bored here." Peter grumbled until Elmo agreed to his request. "Fine let's go." Elmo said and they both left the office. They walked into an establishment of exotic car dealership that specializes in selling high-end and prestigious automobiles, often from luxury brands such as Lamborghini, bugatti Veyron, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, a
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Play a game
Her soft but loud voice stopped Elmo and his friend right in their tracks. With her loud voice, every passerby stops just to watch the commotion that's about to unfold.She stepped closer to him with a light smirk visible on her pretty face. "Are you walking away because you couldn't control your tears after hearing me talk about your divorce?" She raised her voice as she asked just so everyone could hear their conversation."Yes we're divorce! Isn't that what you want to hear? Now that you have heard me, can you just leave!" Elmo said."Humph, why are you in such a hurry to chase me away? Cmon I remember you said earlier that you are here to buy a car, why don't you buy it now. I mean right in my presence." She scoffed as"Why should I buy it right in your presence? I really don't have time for your drama so can you just leave." Elmo said, trying his best to remain calm.Just then the lady who went to bring the receipt came back, seeing the little commotion, she tried speaking after
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A black card
Hearing the scream, Elmo quickly pressed the brake and the car stopped."What the hell just happened?" Peter asked with his heart in his chest as he felt he had almost died from shock."Who the hell screamed like that?" They both got out of the car and were welcomed with the sight of another car right in front of their car.An angry looking man stepped down from the car as he surveyed his car, which had already been scratched badly."Are you guys mad, how dare you damage my car? Do you know how much this car is worth? It's worth a hundred of your life!" The man yelled as he kept on surveying the damages."Why are you shouting at us, you should speak politely to us and then we might be able to find out what happened exactly." Peter said.Just as the man was about to respond, he finally took notice of the blue Bugatti Chiron car."What! Is this yours? Did you steal it?" The man asked with astonishment as it looked so unbelievable to be seeing a Bugatti Chiron."Yes, I thought you wante
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Great Anticipation
The old master already noticed that Elmo wanted to say something so he asked. "Elmo, do you have something to say?" "Uh grandfather, I won't be staying here for long" He said as he fiddled with his finger hoping the old man wouldn't be sad. "Why won't you be staying here? This house is the family villa so why won't you live here? If it's because you don't like this place we can go back to the family mansion; after all we're only at this villa to change surroundings and we are even going to the main mansion soon." The old master tried reasoning with him. "It's not because we're staying at a villa, actually I really want to stay alone." The old master sighed before speaking, "okay since that's what you want, I won't stop you. I would always want to see you happy." He said and Elmo smiled. They both spoke about different things before Elmo retreated to bed. The next day, Elmo left the Brown family with his Bugatti Chiron to a renowned real estate to purchase a small mansion for him
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