Whispers of Wealth: The Mysterious Son-in-law

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Whispers of Wealth: The Mysterious Son-in-law

By: J V CompletedUrban/Realistic

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In a daring act of love, Marcus Rover has taken on a challenge to win the heart of the woman he loves. He discards his real identity as the wealthy and powerful heir to the most affluent family in the country. Instead, he becomes Mark Wright, a commoner who supports his wife's ambitions and works as a delivery partner. But how long will Mark be able to keep his secret under wraps, even though his blood boils on seeing Cassie's family belittle at her every turn, and mock their relationship out of the social disparity? When his wife's path to inheriting her family business is blocked- Mark steps in and does everything he can to support her. But will this step bring them one step closer to uncover the truth? Has he been keeping the secret just out of love? Or was there another dark motive behind this? As the truth surfaces, Cassie and Mark must navigate the storm of revelation and grapple with the consequences of deceit and societal pressures. Will their love endure the trials of hidden identities and social prejudices, or will their lives be forever changed by the revelation of Mark's true heritage? Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as secrets and identities collide in this gripping tale of love, betrayal, and unmasking.

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  • Nnaemeka Chukwu


    this is a good book, please keep them coming

    2023-10-03 23:19:33
  • AKs_md


    I had so much fun reading it so far! Looking forward to more chapters author!! *_*

    2023-09-06 03:45:20
  • RK^^


    I am really loving the chapters, please keep them coming...... I like the dynamics between characters, and of course the drama!!!

    2023-09-01 13:04:06
  • payal Flower


    The synopsis is amazing, the writing style is very captivating. Keep it up, author

    2023-08-23 11:36:17
  • Sylwyn


    I am pleasantly surprised at how well written this book is. and has caught my attention and I would willingly read anything else that this author writes. I highly recommend reading this book.

    2024-03-07 15:26:01
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197 chapters
Ch-1 : Special Delivery
Mark checked the address of the venue before entering the main hall of this farmhouse, to deliver food to the party that was taking place inside. But as soon as he entered, he spotted some familiar faces, and he was shocked by the realization that this was the company gala being held by his wife's own family.It was most probably his brother-in-law, Andrew, who had played this prank on him to embarrass him. Speaking of the Devil, Andrew appeared in front of him with a satisfied smile, and announced;"Look who is finally here, everyone!Looks like our chief guest has arrived." Starting with murmurs, the hall was quickly filled with laughter. Few were already aware of the identity of the Holmes family's son-in-law, while others were just poking fun at him for the sake of entertainment. Hearing the sudden bursts of laughter, Cassie turned around. Taking a few moments to believe her eyes, she noticed it was none other than her husband Mark, who was standing at the door with take-out c
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Ch-2 : Mayor's connection
Lady Holmes turned towards the stage, where the CEO was concluding his welcome speech. A hush fell over the entire hall as the old lady made her way to the podium, dressed in a Chanel tweed suit. "Good afternoon, to one and all present here. I am honored that you took out the time to attend this gala, and I extend my sincere greetings to you.As you all know, we are gathered here to know about the future Managing Director of the Blue Mountains Group. But before that, I have another important announcement to make. I must admit it's heartbreaking to announce the reality, but the truth is, the Blue Mountains Group is in heavy loss.And with a heavy heart, I have to accept that our company's future seems quite dark. Owing to my poor health and the resulting mismanagement this past year, the company profits have declined steadily resulting in only one thing, constant losses!"She sighed before continuing;"Therefore, I have decided that the candidate who will be able to save the company
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Ch-3 : That's enough
Brother! That's enough, don't forget what I had said to you earlier."Saying this, she grabbed Mark's wrist and dragged him to the garden outside.Love often has a tendency to look beautiful and alluring at the starting days of spring in its life, when everything is okay, but once the summer of hardship arrives, it takes away all the beauty and allure with its scorching heat and blistering temperatures.She led him to the white marble gazebo standing in the middle of the manicured garden, amidst the blooming flowers. The fading sunlight was filtering through the pillars, creating a dreamy vibe against the dusky skies- but the atmosphere was tense instead of being romantic. Cassie let go of Mark's hand and took a step back, still facing him. She broke the tense silence;"Mark, please don't make things harder for me right now."Mark wanted nothing more in that moment, than to make her realize how sincerely he wanted to help her, in any way and any capacity she wanted. "Cass-"But she
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Ch-4 : Who is he ?
As soon as the receptionist overheard the words that the ordinary- looking person had spoken on the phone, she panicked.Was this guy serious about buying the company shares! Had she really misjudged somebody who was capable of doing this? Freaking out about what would happen if he was speaking the truth, she immediately picked up the receiver and pressed the speed dial for Mr Clarke's desk phone. "Sir! Sorry to disturb you, sir, but there is a critical situation. Someone has been here for a few minutes now, and he insists on meeting you. I refused him repeatedly, but just now, he said to someone on the phone that our company shares will be bought within five minutes.Please let me know how I should proceed now. Sir, should I send him in to meet you?"The CEO, who was busy with an important online conference in his cabin, had specifically asked the receptionist to not let anyone in and to only contact him under emergencies.He was naturally annoyed on hearing about this, and respo
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Ch -5 : Making demands
After seeing Harrison Clarke apologizing for the words which had been said earlier, Mark realized that he had him right where he wanted. He was ready to do whatever he said, in exchange for forgiveness. And so he finally opened his mouth,"Alright, I forgive you.But that doesn't mean you're off the hook just yet."The faint relief that had appeared on Harrison's face became laced with slight tension on hearing this. He looked towards Mark's face, expectant and scared, waiting for him to speak. "If you want to save your company, then you have to take care of one business for me."Harrison nodded, as if to say that he would be willing to do anything he said at that moment."You must give your funds to the Blue Mountains Group."As soon as he heard this, a crease appeared on Clark's forehead. Although he was scared to the core, he was still a businessman by heart. He had put in so many years of his life and built such an Empire, only by being wise about his investments.Without thinkin
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Ch-6 : The mysterious shareholder
The next morning, Cassie had just gotten out of the shower when her phone screen lit up with an incoming call from an unknown number.She glanced tentatively at the number before picking up the call, and she was greeted by a pleasant female voice. Cassie only hummed in response when the person confirmed her identity and quietly listened in a subtle shock for the remaining duration. Mark was out in the kitchen, preparing breakfast when she walked out of the room after disconnecting the call. He noticed that she seemed to be in a daze, as she was looking forward without her eyes focusing on anything in front of her. Prompting her gently, he spoke while placing their plates on the dining table;“You alright, Cass?”Cassie’s eyes flicked to his face, finally registering his presence, and she nodded before speaking up;“Yeah, I just… I just got a call from someone named Claudia from Clarke Communications.”Mark immediately understood that they must have reached out to her regarding the
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Ch-7 : Shareholders' meeting
The conference room was abuzz with chatter and gossip, as the Blue Mountains Group shareholders’ meeting had been called by Lady Mariella Holmes at an extremely short notice. Major shareholders- both new and old, had flown in from various corners of the country for this meeting, and those who couldn't make it due to the tight schedule had joined in via video conference.It was time for the Holmes family’s matriarch to announce who would be chosen as the new Managing Director after the stipulated trial period was over. The twenty - four hours after her initial announcement had been rife with tensions, and everyone from the board members to the receptionists were talking about what the outcome could be, and even hedging their bets according to their own preferences. Naturally, this was a matter of great interest as after all, the upper management of their company was going to change after today.Andrew Holmes strode through the glass doors, barely two minutes before the meeting was su
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Ch-8 : 500 Million dollars!
In response to her grandmother’s question, Cassie spoke up,“Grandma, I have secured this amount on behalf of our company, from Clarke Communications as our benefactor.This morning, Mr Harrison Clarke himself called me for a meeting and after I presented my plan to him, he decided to invest in Blue Mountains Group.”She had shut all the wagging mouths in the room raising questions on her status, with one simple statement- as if someone had opened the floodgates in the direction of a raging fire. On hearing these words, Andrew looked like he was strangling on his own breaths. He had just said that she wouldn’t even be able to secure an appointment with him, then how had she persuaded Mr Clarke for 500 million dollars!?Had he grossly underestimated her so far? After a few seconds of silence, her grandmother nodded, signaling for Cassie to sit down.She and Mark had just settled into the empty seats near the door when Lady Holmes started her from a new point;“Thank you for your pati
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Ch-9: Slap!
The rest of the day went like a nightmare for Cassie, and last night, she had not even been able to sleep properly.This was one of the reasons Mark had insisted on dropping her off on his bike, and she also agreed to it.Mark was riding his bike to the client’s office at the other side of the city, with Cassie sitting on the back seat, anxiously checking her watch intermittently.She had just breathed a sigh of relief after realizing that they had reached the final intersection before the office, with five minutes to spare; when they encountered a car coming towards them at a high speed.The Mercedes came speeding towards the bike, breaking the stop signal blinking in its direction. Mark veered his moving bike to the left at the last moment, to avoid a collision with the car.The bike was in motion and it came to a halt with a sudden jerk, also tilting towards the left.Due to this, Cassie lost her balance and fell to the ground on her hands and knees as soon as the bike stopped. The
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Ch-10: Young Master?
Both Cassie and Mark were outraged by Moria's bitter words and wanted to give her an adequate reply to teach her some etiquette.But before any of them could react, seven black Jaguars came to a screeching halt at the intersection. Some guards, wearing all black- outfits, stepped out of them. Their unexplained presence was intimidating, and they seemed to be talking amongst themselves via the bluetooth earpieces they all were wearing.One of them reached to open the door of the fourth jaguar, parked in the middle of the envoy. He opened the black umbrella in his hand, and placed it in front of the door. A middle- aged man stepped out of the car and into the shade of the umbrella, his eyes fixed towards the three of them. Another bodyguard rushed towards Mark with an umbrella in hand, but stopped in his place after one gesture from him. Before the tall man could take more than one step forward, eight more well- built men, wearing black safari suits, jumped out of the cars, and forme
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