And if it was of any way beneficial to her friend, then, she...

She would have to take it.

“Please, make sure you are not seen! I highly doubt that her parents would approve of what I want you to do. But, don't worry, I promise, its only to save her. I can't bring myself to hurt my Deola...” Tade's voice drops considerably low towards the end of his words.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Tunrayo stops short, her hand on the door handle.

“You're wasting time, Tunrayo. Come on out, I am just in front of the door.” Tade impatiently speaks, the effect of it adding haste and stealth into Tunrayo as she begins to hurry away.

However, Tunrayo pauses her motion, some few steps away from the door. She stands now in a corridor, the floor of it coated by white tiles. 

Opposite the room she exited now is another door, the entrance to what she already knows to be A

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