"I've had enough of you, human. Enough with your tampering with my brother's life."

These are the last words the lady in the brown jean shirt styled gown hears before her world goes black.

And then, the last sound she hears is…


Intense ache tore through a head like a crazed beast, claws ferociously scrapping at a point with determined dark intents to rip out her brain matter on the spot.

The hot searing pain follows, drilling through her head like a piece of hot nail driven into human flesh, deep down in one thrust into the muscles, messed up with blood and torn sinews and in this case, through her skull.

Sharp and fierce, the pain is not relenting, accompanied by a now thudding headache. The lady feels thrust suddenly, her tongue dry and parched and longs for a chilled drink to soothe the burning longing in her throat.

She feels her body no longer depending on her feet but rather begins to tilt back, falling down and down.


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