"Save it, young lady. I don't want to see you around my daughter ever again.

Let today be the last time you would ever be here, understood?"

The man in white vest and green-blue checked pyjamas trousers who Tunrayo has come to know as the father of her best friend, Deola, says to her.

It is shocking and really painful, Tunrayo shudders, as the very same thing she did want to avoid has been set upon her.

But how would she have had the slightest idea that in her desperation, the man she sought to find would be long gone? She, out of loss of words to say and based on the urgency of the bombarding questions, had thought that things would mellow down if she had just shown them the ‘Mr Poisedon’; but, how mistaken she is.

The man who is Richard, the father of Deola, turns his back to her as he opens the door, leaving her outside after the warning. 

Oh, if her mum did hear this, Tunrayo sniffs, she’d say that she told her, di

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