Prom Queen

The edges of the Assembly Hall of Lake View College is jam packed with dinner tables, filled with gorgeously dressed and handsomely costumed ladies and gentlemen and mouth watering, dainty dishes. There is merriment in the air as soft laughter, almost silent grinding of food, clinking of glasses and the likes resonated around the entire hall. 

The hall has balloons hanging down illuminated from within by some lamp, from the ceiling of the hall. Following suit, are huge rectangular spaces of light that happen to be deliberately dim to give just the right mood, aided by the few colored light bulbs that are sprinkled across the ceilings. 

The walls are not left out too as ribbons and strung balloons decorate each and every place. A few of the walls have standing Air Conditioners that are working at full capacity, blowing out chill airs to combat perspiration in the hall.

Although the hall is full, there is a big rectangular space starting from the center of the hall, up to the Assembly Stage which the Master of Ceremony and the disc jockey are located. 

At the center of the same rectangular is a large, red circular rug bringing a feeling of royalty and taste into the hall. 

The stage has a set of three long steps that span the width of the stage down to the ground and the center of the steps are also decorated with red rug that link down to the red circular rug.

Up on the stage is the MC with a big smile, exchanging muted words to the disc jockey because of the heavy din of sounds, often employing the use of sign language. The MC is dressed in a black trousers, black blazers, red checked shirt and a red rose in the pocket of his blazer as well as a flashy rainbow emitting sun shade, accentuated with his Afro hair style.

 Beside him to the right is the disc jockey with his DJ set and a laptop atop his music stand. He wears simple black jeans with a white turtle neck and a headset slung over his prickly shaggy blue hair that cover most of his forehead and dropping down to a ribbon behind his head.

After nodding to the MC, he picks a microphone and waves into the hair, showing off his many ringed fingers and gold teeth in the process. 

"Yo, People... What's up?" He rumbles in his deep masculine voice, cheerily.

"What's Up?" The Attendees scream out in festivity spirits.

"What's Up?" He repeats again.

And the audience repeat his question back to him, some of them throwing hands into the hair while the ladies scream with intoxicated voices.

The noise is defeaning and happy, making the MC and DJ squeak in the delight. In response, the DJ runs his hand on the large platinum music plate.





The DJ screams into the mic as the Prom attendes jump up, in pure ecstasy, music and noise becoming indistinguishable.

"Yo... People, settle down, settle down, okay. I know we are hyped up for tonight." The MC calms the people.

Behind him is a table filled with mouth watering dishes ranging from bowls of full chickens to seafood delights of lobsters, sea snails, shushi and the likes while beer litters the table, and from this table, the DJ grabs a big beer bottle.

"I know you all are pumped up for tonight. And Trust me, it's be your best Prom Everrrrrrrrrrrr...."

"Yeaahahhhhhhh!" They scream in response.

"Settle down people." The MC says, pulling out a piece of paper from his rear trouser pocket. "Now, I want you to flow with me, okay?" 

He raises the piece of fancy paper to his front before speaking into the mic again.

"Now boys and girls...  Oh, My bad! You ain't boys and girls no more. Ladies and Gentlemen, somebody shout uh-uh, uh-uh!"

"UH-UH... UH-UH...!" The audience explodes.

"Now, now now. We've had the segment of recognizing the MVPs of this set. DJ, bring it down, bring it down..." The MC flagged at DJ Apollo who nodded as he tuned down the music, shaking his body lightly to the jam.

"We've given out the awards to the most deserving, the finest, the beautiful ladies, the most creative and the likes. Now, now, we are getting to Prom Danceeeee Floor. Who's excited?" The MC makes to jump down but holds back as the Prom attendes yell in answer.

"Now, you know how we do it. According to the Constitution of Lake View College." He points at the ground repeatedly as he emphasizes on each word. "Of which, I am an Alumniiiii..." He says, exuding a proud look that earn him laughter from the hall. 

"It says, that, the Prom Dance Hall can and only cannnn.... Yo, finish it up!" He points his mic to the people.

"The Prom Dance Floor can and only can be opened by the Prom King and Prom Queeeeennnnnnn nnn!!!" They yell back in response, swaying softly to the low sounding music.

"Yeah, That's Right! So, I'll call on the Prom King. Who is he?" He asks, pointing his mic to the audience.


"Come on. I know him. Let's do it the proper way. As the Master of Ceremony, I call upon 6 times award winner of the most dressed, 3 time award winner of the Most Dedicated Student, 4 times award winner of the most punctual student and captain of the school football squad, holding the position for three years and leading his team to win the State Inter School competition, the Wellington Bank Football League and alllllll. 

You know him.. I call Upon theeeee..."

"Say it, already!"

"Come on, don't drag it anymore."

Some voices call out, increasing the widening smile on the MC's face.

"Easy, ladies and gentlemen. Prom King Nathaniel... Please, step to the dance floor." He signals to the rectangular space in the hall.

As he does, a pin drop silence descends hastily across the hall as a young, tanned gentleman with a dazzling smile rises from a table, a hand in pocket while the other holds dangles freely as he walks to the rectangular dance floor.

As he does, an eruption of claps and cheers resonate through the hall. He wears an under cut hairstyle with a sharp side part at his left side of the head. Furthermore, he wears a three-piece pink suit with pointy black shoes and a big silver chain watch on his left wrist. There's a subtle smell of inviting cologne, the distinct sweet smelling fragrance of freshly cut tulips hovering about him as he carefully takes bold steps into the center of the dance floor, beaming.

However, just as the MC readjusts the mic in his left hand, Nathaniel frowns slightly, shooting a sharp glance at the tables about.

"Now, for want of time, I'mma just straight into calling the ever distinguished and neck turning beautiful Prom Queen, Deola..." The MC screamed into the mic and the people responded, cheering brightly.

But just as they start to cheer, the people begin to identify the irregularity as Nathaniel is left standing alone in the middle of the dance floor.

"Uh... Where's the Prom Queen?" The MC frown, glancing about the hall.

In response, Nathaniel shrugs, looking around helplessly. 

"Ahem!" The MC clears his throat, a sheepish look on his face. "Maybe she went to do something outside? Someone... Can someone shout out to the Prom Queen to come into the hall now?". He says.

Seconds begin to tick into minutes, tense silence drops once more upon the hall. The silence brings with it nervous heat as Nathaniel begins to look frustrated, standing alone at the dance hall.

"Her parents didn't let her come." A loud whisper rang out, soft laughter resounding after it.

"That's a lie. I saw her earlier." Another voice countered.

"She left before the dance? What a spoil sport?"

"Don't blame her."

"Her religious parents must be suffocating the fun in her life "

"Come on... Who becomes Prom Queen only to ditch the dance?" 

"Deola is unbelievable!"

"Oh, look how she leaves Prom King to himself alone."

"Damn Man!" 

A thousand and one voices boom about, mixing into indistict noisy chatter. Seeing the MC clears his throat, arresting the attention of the prom attendees once more as the DJ runs a hand on his music disc again.

"What's up, People?" 

"What's up?" The DJ is replied and merriment enters the hall again.

"Now, now... Like it's written, if the Pom Queen is unable to attend the Prom Dance, them, the Prom King may by reason of his authority as Prom King, choose..."

"...Another Prom Queeeeennnnnnn..." The people complete it for the MC as cheers ring out.

"Yeah! So King, Over to you." He stabs his mic in the hair towards Nathaniel.

Nathaniel simply smirks and turns to his right. And just as he turns, a lady in blood red revealing evening gown and stiletto boots leaps unto him, hands locked around his neck in a bodylocking embrace.

Before he can react, his lips are sealed in a sensual kiss by Grace, enrapturing the entire populace of the hall who clap hard to cheer them up.

"Well, looks like Prom King has a new Queen! Come on, hold tight to your dates and DJ..." The MC nodded to DJ Apollo who gave a double thumbs up. "Turn up the heat." 

Heavy bass music booms out before slowly descending into soft ballerina sensation, leading the people to hold to their dates and flow along.

"What are you doing?" Nathaniel asks Grace as he disengages from the kiss. 

"What else does it look like? Becoming the Prom Queen, of course." She whispers to him, lips curved into a seductive pout, her hands finding his hands.

Taking cue, Nathaniel slow dances with her, but his eyes tell a different story, a story of anger and disenchantment.

"You are the last person I'd ever choose as Prom Queen." He whispers under his breath as the hall becomes to get filled with dancing couples.

"I know. That's why I had to make the choice for you."

"What?" His eyes widen in disgust.

"Look, Nat. Just what do you see in her? You do realise that if it was Deola that was here, you would never have had the satisfaction of sleeping with her, you know? Because of her strict religious background. And what a shame that would be, if the Prom King is refused sex by his Prom Queen." She draws closer as Nathaniel swirls in response.

"You know what that would be? You be a disagrace to all the former Prom Kings who always had sex with their Prom Queens, plus that's like our unwritten Constitution here, at LakeView." She taunts into his ears as the music gains crescendo, grooving onto his body.

"Shut up! I don't care about that rule." Nathaniel violently whispers back just as a strange looking figure enters the hall and heads straight to the MC.

"See, I know you care. Because you care about your reputation more than anything else. But I'm offering myself to you, Nat. Take me, and you escape the muted taunts people will throw at you after Prom." Grace bites his earlobes while her left hand rubs against his chest.

However, Nathaniel is tuned out already as he focuses on the young mister in blue blazers and jeans.

"DJ, tune it down. Announcement guys. If you are the owner of the IVM Fox parked at the electric fence, you are obstructing this Mister, the owner of the Nissan Micra. Kindly go over to pack your car properly."

"Wait... What? That's my car. But I parked... Gee..." Nathaniel stammers just as the light skinned owner of the Nissan Micra looks straight into his eyes.

"What?" Grace asked, concern lurking in her eyes.

Nathaniel did not respond, instead, he pushes slightly away from Grace, racing out of the hall much to the surprise of the people, his eyes frowning with confusion.

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