Strange Mister II

And just as quickly as the lips of Tade jam into Deola's cheek, she throws his hand away , hastily rasing her elbow to push against him. However, her elbow connects with his Adam's Apple causing him to fall abruptly, onto the car seat.

"Ugh!" Tade chokes, grabbing his throat with one hand.

"Omigod! Are you okay!" Tunrayo flees over to Tade's side of the convertible and begins to push him into the car, adjusting the Mister to seat beside her friend while she perches at the edge. 

"I'm fine." Tade responses just as Tunrayo twists her body to gain visual on Tade.

"I'm... uhm... sorry?" Deola mutters, panic in her eyes. 

"Dee... That was harsh." Tunrayo chides, twisting back even more to look at Deola.

"it's okay, both of you." Tade groans, resting his head against the top of chair to gaze at the car roof. "It's my fault. It was only natural for her to react that way." Tade forces a laugh, still romancing his throat. 

He smiles at the silence, moving his right hand to find Deola's left hand which is lodged on her thigh.

As he does, Deola seems to jerk her hand but stops at the last moment, guilt all over her face as she stares at his hand.

"It's okay!" Tade assures her, looking sideways at her, patting her hand.

However, Deola does not hear. Her eyes trail from her hand that is covered by Tade's to her thighs where her gown is clinging tightly to her skin, almost as if she wears nothing but leggings. With her legs slightly apart, she gasps, noticing her almost visible red panties and hastily slams her knees in attempt to conceal it. 

Embarrassed, she looks at Tade, only to see that the Mister had been enjoying the show all along with the soft smirk on his lips. 

Frowning, she lays her right hand over her crotch area, earning her a soft chuckle from Tade.

"So, sir... you don't look like a student of LakeView, so what would you be doing at this side of the Lake?" Tunrayo questions, just as she adjusts her seating position, her back slightly leaning against Tade's shoulder because of the little space she has.

Deola, however, stares daggers only to see Tade throw his face away like he saw nothing.

"Aissh..." She hissed, breathing heavily at the pervert.

"Well, I am not. I just like this view of the Lake. I mean, Lake View should have the best View of Lake considering the fact it is called Lake View." He analyses as Tunrayo frame shudders in soft laughter.

"That's messed up! I tell you, with the granite shore and picket fence, this isn't the best view." Tunrayo replies, standing to get her purse from the roof.

On the other hand, Deola is pissed. 

Just who the hell did this young idiot think he was? 

Just because he had saved her from drowning, didn't mean he had the rights to look at her sensually highlighted body as result of the wet gown clinging to her.


That was, simply he taking advantage of her. And Tunrayo, on the other hand, had failed to notice any of this.

She was appalled!

"Well..." Tade drags the word. "That is your opinion, for me, I come here every evening that I'm free to just gaze at the water. It reminds me of home." He put in soon as Tunrayo returned into the car.

"Home? where is home?" Tunrayo asked, pulling her device from her purse.

Deola eyed the Mister viciously, her eyes trailing from his finely chiseled jaws to the throat he still rubbed, down to his taut chest muscles, his nipples visible as his shirt and trousers clung to his own body too. 

Impulsively, her eyes flickered down to the trouser, a soft gasp escaping her mouth as she stares at the huge bulge, down at Tade's crotch.

Transfixed, she peers at the bulge, her imagination beginning to run about.

Just how big was his genital that it bulged out that way? 

'*Gasp* Is he having an erection because of me?' Deola asked herself, a hand at her mouth.

'This is messed up. I shouldn't be looking at that.' She chided herself, turning away.

But just as she did, she pulled her focus back to the huge bulge Tade had. 

With the wet trouser on him, she could see the very outlines of his little brother, her eyes deliciously taking in the sight.

'Just how would his third leg look when he's naked, if it is already this big?' Deola muses, smiling unconsciously to herself.

Tade notices the look she has and follows the direction of her eyes. When he finds what she gazes on, he smiles to himself, briefly, before bursting out in laughter.

"What? You think it's funny?" Tunrayo cries out, staring daggers at the hearty Tade beside her. "I'm telling you what happened and the best you think of is to laugh? At least you should show sympathy. I don't .." Tunrayo nagging is interrupted by a wave of hand by Tade.

"I'm actually with you. I just found Deola's activity hilarious." Tade says just as Deola throws her face the opposite direction in embarrassment.

"What? What happened, Dee?" Tunrayo has a look of ignorance on as she looks to her friend.

"Nothing!" Deola snapped. "He's just creeping me out with his eye rape." Tunrayo's eyes widened.

"Ha!" Tade let out a sharp laugh. "Eye rape you? When it was you check..."

"Actually, I think your neck should be fine. You can go." Deola curtly interrupts, her voice gaining tempo.


Tade chuckles, stretching his hands out.

"Yes, I can go. And I think you girls too, need to go home. You are both exhausted. Do you mind?" He nudges at Tunrayo with a shoulder 

Getting the message, Tunrayo steps out of the car, yawning, as Tade follows suit.

Outside the car, he pulled at his trousers around his crotch area, attempting to unstick the material from his body.

"You don't happen to have a car jack, do you? And a spare tyre?" He asked, looking down at the deflated wheel.

"Well, yes, I have a spare but not the jack. " Tunrayo facepalms. "Didn't think I'll ever need it when I could just call for a mechanic."

"Notice 101, always have that in your car. Never know when it'll come handy. I'll just hop along to get my jack from my car and be back to fix it, okay?"

"Wow, really! Thank You." She beams, just as Tade turns his back on her, walking into the night.

"Phew!" Deola exclaimed, feeling the eyes of Tade all over her body. 

"That guy, he's strange." 

"I know, right. But if for anything, I am all the more anxious to get out of here. If that witch sees us like this, then, I can't imagine all the excitement..."

"Yes, that reminds me. What were you two talking about? " Deola cut in, getting a slacked jaw from Tunrayo.

"Weren't you in the car all along?"

"I know, but.. "

"But what?" Tunrayo asks, sliding into the car.

"..." She throws her face away from Tunrayo.

"Oh oh! He's hot right?" She teased, pulling closer to Deola in a side hug. "I know. Poisedon's really hot."

"Poisedon? He's Tade, not Poisedon." Deola cut in sharply.

"Ha! Now you are defending him, eh. Don't tell me you have fallen for the guy?" Tunrayo says, playing with Deola's earlobe while the latter snuggles against her.

"Well..." Deola smiles. "He's cute. But..."

"Eh! I knew you'd fall for him."

"Wait first ah!" Deola protested, raising herself up from Tunrayo. "But he gives me creeps. Seriously. He just either wants to touch me or look at me." She added, seriously gesticulating to her friend on her side.

Extending one hand, Deola reaches for her passenger door and slams it shut just as Tunrayo begins to speak.

"Well... I really didn't notice that.

"You wouldn't have! You were just busy blabbing there. Oh, did you know he tried to put his hands into my breasts?" Deola stares daggers at her, raising a pointer finger to her face.

"Oh!" Tunrayo scrunches her face in disgust. "No, no. You don't do that to people you just meant. That's as good as him trying to sexually harass you."

Deola nodded, watching Tunrayo scratch the side of her face in discontentment. 

"MiGod! And I was here all along. " She turns to Deola, hands reaching to rest on the latter's shoulder. "I'm sorry, Dee. I'm sorry that..."

"Tch..." Deola looked away, waving away the apology with a hand. "It's done, it's done. All I just want to do now, is get the hell out of here, get home and shower, then sleep." She says, hugging her arms tightly.

Meanwhile, the young slender but handsome man, Tade, walked gingerly with purpose as he distanced himself from the black convertible. 

The lake wind blistered against his skin clinging wet clothings, only to be rewarded by a light smile. And as soon as the wind was gone, the smile vanished.

He had just met those two girls today but from what Tunrayo had narrated to him, he couldn't by any means, let this pass.

He had to do something, anything, to ensure those girls got their pound of flesh, accordingly.

And to do that, he needed first to create a diversion, a means by which he would enter the scene of unfolding events without an eyebrow raised in his direction.

He squeezed his face, as the music of the huge assembly hall came to a slow halt, the lighting at the exterior, creating a beautiful red, violet hue that was perfect for whatever was going on in the hall.

Striding through the improperly parked cars, he noticed a few persons standing on the outside of the the hall engaging themselves in light chatter, accompanied by youthful laughter.


When last had he had that to enjoy? 

He stands still, a longing visible in his eyes as he stares at the little company in front of the hall. But before he can begin to enjoy more of the scenery, a screech rings out over head and a flapping of leathery bat wings flash past his face.

Tade exhaled, eyes following the bat that had flown by into the darkness.

"Focus on what you have to do, Tade. The exile term is almost done with, already." He muttered, picking at the clothings on him.

He turns around, and just as he does, the wind blows moisture against his face.

"What? After what you did down there? I do not desire to be around you, for now. " He speaks into the air, eyes unfocused and shifting all over the place.

He takes a bend, walking down a path parallel to the hall, towards the hastily constructed electric fence. There are cars parked, which use the space in front of the fence as a sort of parking lot. He wedges in between them and comes to a silver colored, red edged Nissan Micra parked between a Rangerover Sport and an IVM Fox.

He snaps his left finger and a haze settles in around him. The fuzzy air lasts for a minute, becoming denser and denser until not even his body outline can be seen anymore.

And then, just as it quickly as it comes, the fog vanishes, leaving an entirely transformed Tade infront of the IVM Fox which now blocks the front end of the Nissan Micra.

Tade smiled to himself, patting his now transformed clothings of white shirt with a small blue fancy bowtie, a blue blazers, gold plated chain wristwatch, a neatly starched blue jeans and black shining leather shoes. 

His skin also shines brightly in the dark, becoming even more beautiful as Tade's smile widen into a grin.

He needed a diversion to come in, and now, now, he had it!

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