“Ahh...” Tade groans and with a huff, seats heavily into the driver’s seat of the Nissan Micra. Inside, he drags his legs in, huffing out while his head sags against the headrest. Taking deep breaths, Tade’s mind is unfocused so much that as soon as his legs are in, he slams a fist at the middle of the steering wheel, activating a short blare of the horn as result.

He exhales, then wipes his face with one hand, smearing ichor all over his face as result. Shaking his head, Tade sighs, thinking of where he had come from.

And by all of him, he sincerely misses his home.

Born and bred in the Atlantic Ocean, he is a member of the seemingly unknown races of beings called Emeres by Yoruba people in Southern Nigeria.

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