Salt Circle

The lake is really quiet and on the outside the sun is rising up, which indicates a new day. Apparently it's been over 24 hours ,since Tade had gone in search of the spirit pills pills.

Birds sail across the air, over the silent waves, basking in the light of a new day as a flex their wings all about. And just then, a large flash of green luminescent light erupts into view in a distance over the lake.

To the regular human, it can be considered as a glitch of nature, lightning without clouds, but to the inhabitants below the lake it signifies the return of one, Tade Submerius, the fallen prince.

Out of the blues, the fallen prince staggers from the lotus formation of the vanishing light inside the bubble of his residence and then, the door of the cottage opens wide.

"Ah… if it isn't the lovestruck prince. How did it go" It is Jaeger with his eyes closed as if he is in deep meditation.

"It went as fine as it could although I could not secure en

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