Hitch A Ride

And that name is…


Rising up suddenly to his feet, Tade frowns, trying to recollect what happened to her and as he remembers, his pupils widen and then…


His entire body explodes with massive momentum, shooting forward like a torpedo as he tears the water resistance like it is nothing.

For only one name is on his mind.

And that name is…

Deola, his girl!

"Noooo…" Tade grits, his hands digging through the front of him, giving him a spear like stance as he rips through the inner water resistance.

He remembers the painful memory of how he had messed up by letting Deola know all too early 

But, now, he muses, maybe he is not so wrong after all.

The only persons wrong here are the people who try to hurt her.

To hurt Deola…

To hurt his girl.

Tade's face contorts into a tighter scowl, his eyes almost glowing a faint green haze of light while his body speardives forward.

"Not an

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