Early in the morning before sunrise, all the new prisoners were taken to the front yard of the hospital to assemble. There are 15 prisoners. 10 women and 5 men.

Anne had just realized there were a lot of new patients coming—all she knew was Manson Miller. They were all ordered to line up neatly in the middle of the yard for inspection. Several detainees who did not heed the orders were immediately whipped hard on the calves. For the first time in weeks, Anne had seen how patients were punished. But apparently, their punishment method wasn't just that.

Anne was at the very back and noticed the many guards surrounding them. All the guards seem to be gathered here. When she left her room and descended the stairs to the first floor, all the prison cell doors were locked tightly. Not a single guard in sight.

She still didn't know what they were going to do, how the game would go, but seeing how tightly guarded they were, she was starting to feel worried. Her heart pounded as if it was goin
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