The Max Level Hero: Strike Black

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The Max Level Hero: Strike Black

By: John Smith CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

Chapters: 121 views: 2.6K

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A vast barbaric army is on the march. One hardened captain and his elite commandos are the kingdom’s last hope… Jack fights to honor and avenge those who died under his command. Hunted by savage foes, with only his small band of soldiers for support, it’s a race against time to put an end to the Owlaw’ leader before he unleashes a devastating new attack that would destroy everything he’s fought and bled to protect. “What do you think a hero is? It’s just the right person in the right place making the right choice at the right time. Heroes aren’t born. They’re made.”


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121 chapters
The young man tried to move, but his body was as heavy as lead. With each movement, even the slightest, sent a terrible pain through the whole body.Even breathing became difficult, every time that fishy air filled with the smell of blood entered his windpipe, it felt like his lungs were being pressed with hot iron...I wanted to cry out because of the pain that was tormenting me, but my throat was dry and burning. No sound could leave his mouth but pathetic groans.Because of losing so much blood, his head ached... His ears became ringing, but he could still feel each beat of his heart in his chest getting weaker... weaker...It was indeed a miracle that the young man was still alive, but he wondered how long that miracle would last?His mind became hazy, and his thoughts were no longer clear.More and more he felt cold… so cold…An irresistible drowsiness quickly set in, despite the young man's futile efforts to keep himself awake.The young man clearly understood that he was going
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Jack opened the door to enter the classroom, but no one seemed to notice his presence at all.'Um, looks like these bastards are decorating your desk again...'But wouldn't it be better for Jack to go unnoticed like this? They've been completely benign lately, but before, it wasn't just Lee who could torture him.Jack just hoped they'd really changed, he wanted to have as little trouble as possible. Approaching his seat, Jack realized that the tabletop was covered with a pile of trash paper.'Um, so what are you going to do?'At the same time, Lee's abominable laugh resounded."Huh!? Is that your desk? Trash? Sorry! We thought it was a trash can? No wonder it kept pouring out! Heh heh heh heh heh!! !"'Um, even I can't stand this bastard's abominable laugh... Do something about it? Are you the one controlling this body?'As if it had been planned, the rest of the students laughed like crazy."Useless like it, it will only end up with living water in the landfill in the future, you're
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Jack looked around bewilderedly, this place is not his classroom... just looking at the size of this room is enough to understand, it's too large, only two wooden doors, and it doesn't look like his hall room. your school."U-u-uh..."Hearing the groans, Jack realized that Janet was still lying next to him, no, his entire class was lying unconscious on the stone floor."Hey, Leila..."Jack gently shook Janet to wake her up.“Um… Huh? Christopher? Huh… Wait! W-Where is this?"Just woke up to find herself lying in the middle of this strange scene, Janet could not help but panic."I don't know girls either...""What the hell is this place!?"Jack was talking when he was interrupted by Lee's high-pitched scream, and it seemed that the others had also been awakened by it. They slowly sat up, rubbed their eyes and looked around bewildered.Suddenly, Jack heard a clack, when he looked in that direction, the wooden door was open. Entering the room was an old man with white beard and white hai
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“But, are we just normal people?”“Haha… No, try opening your status card, I think you'll see that it has changed quite a bit.”“Tag… status???”Jacob was perplexed to hear King Owen say such a puzzling thing.“The status card? That green and transparent thing? It's rectangular, this big!" – King Owen had an equally confused expression on his face. He tried to describe what he called a status card with his hand.'Um… status card! OH? That's interesting too… Very interesting, on the other hand, I didn't think I'd have these.'“Your Majesty, as far as I know, it seems that the world of these Heroes does not exist in magic. So there's a chance that even the status tag doesn't exist there.""Really?""...Yes? Probably so?" - Jacob didn't know how to answer, so he nodded politely.“Well, there must have been a lot of people dying from illness in your world. Poor thing…” – King Owen paused for a beat and continued – “The status cards are roughly the information about you displayed in an eas
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“…W-What the hell is this?”Jack took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes with his hand, blinking a few times, then took a closer look at the information on the status card. However, the job of Useless One still caught his eye.Jack understood that this king had summoned his class here because of the power of people from Earth.'So what if I don't have any strength at all?' - Jack wondered.'Um, thrown away, or worse, destroyed...'It's not too hard for Jack to imagine the worst-case scenario for him. Jack was about to say something, but his throat caught, and a feeling of despair quickly invaded his mind.When everyone saw the information on Jack's status card, for a moment, the courtroom became completely silent.“Hahaha!!! What the fuck is this!? I can't believe my eyes? Ha ha ha ha! Heh heh heh!!! So much so that the weakest of them even have a hundred times better stats than you!!! Hahaha!!!”Lee was the first to break the oppressive atmosphere... with his abominable laugh. Many
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"I-I want to exchange money." – Jack constantly looked around and spoke carefully.The employee was a little flustered by Jack's suspicious behavior, but he quickly showed his professionalism."Wait a minute, please."The gold coins were spread evenly on the counter, for a total of six. He picked up a coin and examined it very carefully."Yes, all of these are sixty thousand Souls, so what kind of coins would you like to convert to?""I'm in need of the most common coins, convenient to buy things. If these gold coins are worth ten thousand Souls each, I'd probably need something worth about a hundred or less.""So you want the Hawk coin, right? It's actually a hundred Souls.""Can you try it for me?""Here."Jack is given a silver coin. Its size is about a third of the Pluton gold coin. Its carving is a simplified tulip."Okay. I'll just exchange one Pluton coin for a hundred To... that kind of coin." – Jack found it really hard to pronounce the name of that strange coin."Okay okay."
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"I-I won't give this money to you guys! This is t-this is my sweat and tears!" – Jack said in a trembling voice"Oh, oh, got it!" Lee nodded and smiled.…and immediately hit Jack in the face with a powerful punch. Although he had predicted this might happen, Jack was still unable to block the blow."Tell me, Jack!" – Lee held out his right hand in front of Jack – "See the ring I'm wearing? According to the old king, just wearing it I can keep my strength no different from ordinary people! I punched then you probably won't die!With that, Lee grabbed Jack by the collar and gave him another right hook, and then another... Being treated like a sandbag for Lee to practice punching, soon Jack's face was swollen and painful. harmful."Huh... Ugh... Ah..."'Um, wow! It looks painful, you must be angry right? Hey, I don't think you can hear what I'm saying... But listen to me! Do you want revenge? Do you want to try and teach these bastards a lesson?'"It's okay, boss, moreover it's dead.""O
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On the outskirts of a sleepy bordertown. A convoy of military vehicles rolls dow on the old country road. The roaring sounds of diesel engines disturbs the serene wheat fields. A few locals wave as the convoy make their way. The fleet of Armored Carriers and Trucks continue their way closer to the town. The third vehicle on the convoy is the command vehicle. This armored personnel carrier contains a battle management system and various communication devices. It's the brain of the convoy and the designated ride for the officials. "Captain, it seems pretty lively out here", the driver told his most important passenger. "It is only a day before the celebrations, of course everyone is lively", the Captain replied. A soldier from the back interjects. "Prince, oh uh, Captain, wouldn't the nobles search for you?, It is that time of the year and they already lost the crown prince." "Don't worry 1st Lieutenant, I'll be back before the royal ball begins." The Captain replied. Their driver
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As the blinding light slowly disappeared. A loud explosion rattled the Prince and his troops. The helicopter that is trying to land is now violently spinning out of control. They watched helplessly as the burning chopper descends. The pilots are struggling to save the stricken aircraft. From the ground, the burning engine of the chopper can be clearly seen. The helicopter is violently spinning clockwise, making a soft landing impossible, even though the pilots put in all their efforts they cannot control the aircraft anymore. Then the helicopter hit the trees and then crashes sideways, sending its rotors flying towards everyone, luckily no one is hit. It crashes at the bank of the small lake in the park. After only a few seconds, the Blackhawk is now reduced to a mangled wreck. The people in the ground rushes into the rescue. The Prince also tried to help but he was held back by his close security. "You can't go, your highness, it's too dangerous. It might be an assassination attem
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3 Hours have passed since the supposed EMP attack. The town of Vilez has now issued a curfew on it's citizen and a total lockdown. Electricity have not yet returned but the water supply has not been interrupted. A few soldiers and police now patrol the ghost streets of the border town. Meanwhile at the town hall, everyone is still on edge, desperate to hear further directives and updates from the higher ups. "Radio is still not up, sigh", 1st Lieutenant Crowall told everyone as he check on the radio transmitter he got from one of the vehicles. "If we were really have been attacked by somebody. Aren't they taking their time for their next attack?", 2nd Lieutenant Macres asked. "Well, disabling our electronics is real st. They must first knock out our Anti Ballistic Missile sytem the A-Shield and our Patriot air defense batteries. Knocking this systems out, means we are pretty defenseless when it comes to ballistic missiles", the Prince interjects. "But it doesn't make sense, right
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