Why was Manson Miller giving her that look?

The man had turned his head the other way, but Anne was sure that the earlier expression had been directed at her.

His intense gaze… the mysterious glint in his eyes… also his devilish grin… it was all ghastly.

Was the man trying to scare her?

Anne suddenly felt wary. She didn't want the incident in the backyard to repeat itself, so she absolutely had to avoid him. She wondered if the guards would come if the man decided to finish her off in the forest?

There have been no instructions whatsoever as to what they will do. Twenty minutes passed in silence and not a single one of the guards spoke or moved in their place. Even Cindy had turned into a statue standing stiffly beside the gate.

What are they waiting for?

The familiar sound of heels came from the main door of the hospital, followed by another set of footsteps. More than five people, thought Anne. Her head automatically turned there. Her eyes narrowed as she saw Doctor Diana pass thro
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