31 Karen vs Abrasax's Wrath

“Are you ready yet?” called Cynthia.

“Mother, remind me where we are going this time?” sighed an exacerbated Jessica as she struggled to put in an earring while checking the mirror.

“It is an outing to the art district with the ladies of Princess Arisa’s personal house staff. These people serve in the Princess’s personal home and know the going ons of the kingdom. If you take the time to socialize with them, you can be best prepared to market our businesses and help attract new clients to our malls. It is very important.”

“It sounds expensive,” huffed Jessica, attempting to slide on a high-heeled shoe while her mother draped a fine coat over her shoulders.

“It necessary for ladies of our increasing standing in society to adhere to the expectation of the upper class. A simple outing such as this can secure the recommendation for new restaurants, and high-end shops to want storefronts in our malls if they see us in the good graces of the Princess and other nobil
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